10 Tips for Call Center Agents in 2016

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Being a call center agent in 2016 means you wear a variety of hats, you're experienced with technology, and you spend your days making or taking calls and helping customers. We're sharing a few tips on how to maintain a professional environment whether you're a new agent, a remote agent, or just looking for a few tips to step your game up and keep things interesting!


New Agents

  • Don't be afraid to ask questions 
    • Asking questions is the best way to learn! You can shadow other employees, sit in on their trainings, calls, or demos to see how they sell products or talk to customers. The more you experience firsthand, the more prepared you'll be. 

  • Get to know the technology
    • Especially now, technology plays a huge role in the call center world. Because every company is different, chances are good you'll come in to contact with various systems at different jobs. Dialers vary and do take getting used to, but the sooner you get your feet wet, the better.

Remote Agents

  • Know the expectations set for you
    • As a remote agent, meeting expectations is the key to success. Make sure you are aware of the expectations your manager has of you, and ensure you are meeting them from the beginning. Ask for clarification on any terms if you need to, so you're on the same page. 

  • Be available during work hours
    • Whether it's Skype, Google Hangouts, Slack, iMessage, or any other communication channel, simply being available will make a world of difference for your team. Availability is key for remote agents because if your manager or teammates can't get a hold of you, there's nothing they can really do, and that's frustrating. Make it a point to check in throughout the day and provide updates to show you're available and working. 

  • Visit HQ quarterly or annually, if possible 
    • Obviously this is dependent on your location and if your company is footing the travel bill, but if they are, take the trip and go meet your team! It's a great idea for morale to get out of your "office", for a new environment, and to be able to work in person for a few days with the people who you usually just communicate with through a computer screen. 

All Agents

  • Never interrupt a complaining customer
    • Customers often just need to vent about an issue and get it off their chest. Let them do so, and then provide a solution. Be comforting and supportive. Find more agent tips here!

  • Accept every customer's honest feedback
    • Whether you want it or not, it could be helpful feedback for your product or your approach to customer service. Accept the feedback graciously and move on. 

  • Be proactive and empathetic
    • When handling a customer service call, provide the solution patiently and with some empathy. What we mean is, put yourself in their shoes. Imagine the inconvenience it would be for your own life, and try to handle it the way you would want someone to handle it for you.

  • Be personable with all interactions you have
    • Don't be rude, impatient or annoyed with any call you take. It's your job to be patient and helpful on the phone. Even if the customers are challenging, do your best to make every call successful.

  • Work hard to resolve issues the first time 
    • Rather than needing a follow-up call, solve a customer's issues the first time around (if plausible) and get them on their way. 

Being a call center agent isn't always easy, glamorous, or low stress. The skills you will acquire as a phone agent are invaluable, however; customer service, sales, technology (just to name a few) are skills that companies in most industries require of their employees. On the tough days, remember this and keep pushing forward.New Call-to-action

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