4 New Call Center Myths Debunked

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The speculation behind call centers, the services they offer, outsourcing vs. in-house and everything in between can fuel a lot of rumors and myths that get mixed up with the truth. We're debunking a new phase of call center myths that focus primarily on AI and outsourcing for businesses. Check it out! 

We're debunking a new phase of call center myths that are relevant to 2017, that focus primarily on AI and outsourcing. Don't miss these call center myths resolved!!

1. Robots will take over the customer service role 

Technology serves to assist and enhance customer service, but the human experience will be needed for years to come. Adapting to the integrations and actions behind technology is crucial for anyone who uses it or is affected by it, but that doesn't mean we'll be phased out by it entirely. The important thing about technology is discovering a way to add more value to it, instead of getting lost in its power and efficiency. 

2. Email is becoming irrelevant and will eventually phase out

Thanks to email, ticketing-based support systems are actually on the rise! Support channels and the Internet of Things (IoT) may also be a major contributor to this. Let's not forget to account for younger generations not wanting to talk on the phone, which leads to email becoming their default communication method. 

3. Owners won't be kept in the loop if they outsource

As the business owner and the one signing the checks to your outsourced company, it's completely up to you how much information you require your agents receive from the company you contract to handle your inbound and outbound calls. Setting up policies to follow is a great way to ensure that you get all the information you need about customers, leads and prospects each day. You're paying for it, after all. 

4. Agents don't have enough product knowledge to sell or fix problems

This is perhaps the biggest concern of call center managers as they hire on new agents to handle the phones and grow their team. Particularly for remote agents, who aren't available to coach in person, but there are various solutions that can make such a difference in the way your agents interact with your solutions and the way they handle customer service calls that are product focused. Hosting virtual or in-person trainings is the best way to make sure these agents are fully prepared, whether they're in-house or outsourced, to prepare agents to field calls regarding your products.

Being a productive and high performing call center requires you to think differently, innovate around every corner and focus on the things that work for your business, whether the industry claims them to be myth or not. Check out our two other posts where we debunk call center myths here and here

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