6 Ideas for Team Building Activities

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Looking for a few ways to spice up team building? At Ytel, we're always open to suggestions of new activities and fun ways for our individual departments and company as a whole to bond and grow closer as a unit. The benefits of team building are invaluable and should certainly be a part of your company budget and priority list. Read on for some of our favorite team building activities!

Building your team is essential to productivity. Here are 6 ideas that will help to build camaraderie between your employees, reducing office politics and increasing efficiency.

Truth and a Lie

Have everyone in the room write down three things about themselves on three separate sheets of paper: two truths and one lie. Once everyone has completed this step, have a question and answer cocktail party where people are allowed to quiz each other on the truths they wrote down. After the party, everyone sits down in the circle and repeats the three statements, while everyone else votes on the statement they think is a lie. This game helps people discover how their coworkers think.

Highlights of Life

Everyone sits in a circle with their eyes closed for about a minute. The group leader tells everyone to think of the best moments in their lives. One at a time, each individual will share this memory with the group. This game allows group members to understand each other's personalities and passions in a heartfelt way.

Egg Drop

Take your company back to 8th grade science class with the "egg drop" icebreaker. Split everyone into two groups. Each group has the goal of creating a package for an egg that can survive a drop from 8 feet. Each team will receive the same materials. After the egg box is built, each team presents its creation in a 30 second marketing piece. Then the moment of truth – the egg drop! This game teaches groups to work together quickly, and it brings synergy to groups who have to think fast to create a package from random materials.


If you are short on time, this team building activity is a great choice. Split your employees into two groups. Pick a few random objects from around the office. One at the time, give one object to one person in each group. Each presenter will demonstrate an activity that object can perform without drawing, writing or saying anything. This game teaches people to think outside of the box and use tools in imaginative ways.

Find the Good

This game splits team members up into partner groups of two. The first partner must share a negative life experience with the second partner. This memory must be true. The second partner will discuss the memory with the first partner, focusing on the positive aspects of the experience. Partners then switch roles. This game teaches employees to think positively and encourage each other during times of doubt.

Scavenger Hunt

Having a scavenger hunt is an old favorite, but there is a reason that this game always seems to bring out the best in people. Break up your group into at least two teams, maybe more, depending on how many people are participating. Have the leader make a list of wacky and goofy tasks that each group must perform. The winner is the group that finishes the entire list first.

However, the true value of the game is setting aside preconceived notions and dropping personal barriers to finish these nonsensical activities with your business associates. These attitudes often cross over into the company, giving people a sense of camaraderie that can only occur when a group has gone through something weird together.

For more team building tips and tricks, visit our culture center.

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