5 Mistakes Your Agents Should NOT Make

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While there are endless recommendations and tips we can give you on things to teach your call center agents, how to train them and resources to provide for education and call handling, there are also a few things they should NEVER do. This post is focusing on the things your agents should avoid doing that can lead to bigger problems for your business. Don't miss this one, as it can prevent many nightmares from happening!

This post focuses on the mistakes call center agents can easily avoid that will lead to bigger problems for your business, particularly when dealing with customers.

1. Complaining on their personal social media profiles

These public channels are easily accessible and your customers could find them online if they really wanted to. This is risky and can be really detrimental to your business if a customer was spoken poorly about and they took it the wrong way. Encourage your team to use discretion when it comes to tough days at work with customers and leave it off social media. Nothing positive comes from blasting anyone online; we should all know that by now!

2. Saying "I have no idea" or "I can't help you with that"

Handling inbound calls and solving problems for customers is a primary task for call center agents everywhere, so having a wealth of knowledge about the products and services offered is crucial. While  no agent will have every answer, there should be a process in place where they are able to pass off the call to the floor manager who can assist the customer in need. But by saying "I have on idea" or "I can't help" completely deflates a customer's confidence in your agents and your business overall, and that's the last thing you want!

3. Telling a caller to "calm down" if they're upset

No one likes being shouted at, but unfortunately many agents experience this on a regular basis. There are particular ways to handle upset customersbut to summarize, practicing empathy is the key to actually getting them to calm down without telling them to do so. Imagine being extremely upset about something that affects your livelihood, calling the business whose fault it may be, only to be greeted by someone who tells you to "calm down" about the issue. You would be upset too, right? Telling a customer to calm down is equivalent to telling them that the reason they're upset isn't adequate; it's downplaying the issue at hand. It's never a great idea to start a call off this way. Instead, say something along the lines of, "I can help you solve this problem, but we have to talk calmly about it." 

4. Hang up first

Between lag times, long pauses, miscommunication, and other people on the line, there may be silence on the line at the end of your phone call, but make sure the customer always hangs up first. In doing so, you'll never have to worry about the blame game of a call back with an upset customer claiming you hung up on them. Making sure you hear the click on the other end before you end the call can save you time with call backs and annoyed customers.

5. Ignore feedback or constructive criticism

Whether it's product related, customer service focused, or something general about your business, being open to this customer feedback is important not only for your company's sake, but to make sure your customers feel like their voice is heard. If agents blow off customers' opinions in a lackadaisical manner, this will not bode well and they'll get upset. 

Any mistakes you think call center agents should avoid making? Leave us a comment! 

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