AI Powered Marketing: Preparing Your Team

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There is a great deal of uncertainty that goes along with artificial intelligence. Owners and executives are excited about the cost savings that AI promises their companies.  Take a look at some of the important ways to prepare your team for a high-powered marketing restructure, even if it is years in the future. 

There is a great deal of uncertainty that goes along with artificial intelligence. Take a look at some of the important ways to prepare your team for a high-powered marketing restructure.

Be Honest About the Future

How much will your company need to restructure to include AI powered marketing? In what ways will the company restructure? These are two questions that every employee should have the answer to. They should have this answer well before any huge changes are made in company administration or operations. This will give all of your employees time to properly prepare themselves for the future.

State plainly which positions the AI powered marketing will redistribute, make redundant or require. There is no need to hold these things as a surprise – this will only bring bad blood. Remember that angry employees have quite a large outlet in websites like Glassdoor - websites that can completely ruin your company's ability to attract top talent in the future.

Marketing Use Cases

How can your team implement artificial intelligence, or machine learning, to improve your marketing processes and deliverables?  Read some great ideas in utilizing marketing AI here. The most relevant use cases include:

  • Ad targeting
  • Predictive customer service
  • Social semantics
  • Predictive analytics & content curation

Offer Training When Possible

AI powered marketing is knit to reduce the amount of manpower that a company needs to pull off a successful campaign. However, even the best fully automated campaigns cannot be trusted to run well without human oversight - technology is simply not that intelligent just yet. There may be new opportunities for people who are willing to train themselves for these new oversight positions. If you have the time and the capital to invest, you may be able to promote your new administrators from within instead of outsourcing. 

There is no shaking the future – marketing powered by artificial intelligence is definitely on the horizon. However, restructuring your company to include these exciting new technologies does not have to come as a surprise to anyone. Remember the tips above to help better prepare your team for the changes that your company will undergo as it strives to improve and compete in the AI powered world of tomorrow. 

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