Benefits of Routine to Crush the Work Day

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Routines are a powerful and familiar way to remain productive, instill motivation, and build great habits. Morning rituals are popular with business leaders because they maximize their energy, productivity, and creativity all day long. But more important than a morning ritual is the need for routine in general.  Here are a few ways having a daily routine will help you smash your work day. 

Routines are a powerful and familiar way to remain productive, instill motivation, and build great habits. Here are a few ways having a daily routine will help you smash your work day.

1. You're more efficient

Why's that? If you already have a routine in place, you know exactly what to do when you come in to work each day. Naturally, each work day is different and it's necessary to account for some hiccups in the workplace; maybe you're needed in an emergency meeting, there's a 911 call to jump on, or you're going to a networking event one morning. But for the most part, your mornings look the same in the office. When you begin doing the same routine each day, you become productive by default, and the room for error decreases. I shared some of my daily routine and how I stay motivated as a Success Manager here

2. It's easier to evaluate your flaws

When you do the same thing every day, evaluation is key. Where are you falling short? A long-followed protocol begs for a refresh every now and then! On the flip side, maybe yours could use more structure. Make sure to revisit your routines periodically so no holes open up in the way you operate. Your routine should help you step your game up, not do the opposite. 

"The most successful people in any situation generally have established routines." - Entrepreneur

3. It promotes self-discipline

When you're dedicated to achieving things every day, your accomplishments become a part of the discipline you expect from yourself. This way, getting these tasks done is no longer a big job, but just part of your daily to-do list. Thinking big picture rather than what's happening right in front of you is one of the biggest benefits that having a regular routine will provide for your life. Big picture thinking is a strength for leaders and managers because they're able to see past any workplace noise and drama to focus on what's at stake and what really matters. 

4. Routine encourages organization 

Whether you thrive off that app on your phone that syncs to your computer, a simple to-do list, your handy planner that never leaves your side, or any other organizational tool that you swear by... Organization is key when you're sticking to a routine each day. I recommend completing the same task at the end of each day: listing out what you need to accomplish the following day, with priority items at the top of that list. This is how I achieve all my goals each week and complete all my tasks. Lists rule!

5. Collaborate with like-minded individuals 

Chances are very likely that you work with several people who are ritual routine followers, as well. Find out who they are and pick their brain on ways to stick to a routine successfully! Whether it's dieting, your work schedule, or just general tips, finding out how someone else implemented an overall routine to become more successful and productive every day is a great place to begin. 

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