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It’s not uncommon to find that when temps are up, and the sun is out, employee motivation drops. Now is the crucial time to re-energize your team, or you’re in for a long, hot summer! We’re sharing a few simple ways to boost productivity and overall employee morale in the office during the dog days of summer.

Re-energize and boost employee morale by adding some fun to the office, showing employee appreciation, and embracing the outdoors.

Spice Up The Office

What better way to bring in some energy to the workplace than some good ol’ fashion fun? Nothing fancy necessary, just a little something special for employees to look forward to and keep them trekking through the summer months.

  • Plan a special catered lunch- Taco Tuesday anyone?
  • Beer Fridays- Bring a pack of cold ones to celebrate the work week!  
  • Ice Cream Break- Nothing beats a Drumstick, am I right?
  • Hawaiian Shirt Days- A little fashion flare goes a long way in boosting morale
  • Happy Hour- Organize a team gathering at your local watering hole (We’re huge fans of this one)

Appreciate Your Team

Make sure your employees know that you appreciate their hard work and dedication. Remind them what they’re working for with a few attainable motivators.

  • MVP Awards: At Ytel we have our own version of an MVP award… except we like to call it a "BAMF Award". One employee each month is recognized for going above and beyond their call of duty!
  • Optional Half Days: Let’s be honest, come 2:30 p.m. on Friday afternoon, everyone wants to either hit the beach or the couch. 
  • Kudo Cards: Any employee can give a Kudo card to another employee for doing a great job or helping out in a special way. Each month draw 3 of the cards out and give away gift certificates of one type or the other to the employees chosen.

Embrace The Outdoors

Re-energize your team and soak in some vitamin D! Rather than sitting in the conference room wishing you were out enjoying the sun, suggest taking the meeting outside. They invented wireless technology for a reason, right?

  • Conduct walking meetings outside
  • Team-building tournaments- mini golf, dodgeball, soccer
  • Picnics, BBQ, games, family, lemonade… the perfect all-American recipe for fun

Don’t let the heat of summer drag down employee productivity and motivation in the office. What better time to embrace the “work hard, play hard” motto to boost employee morale. Take a plunge and share these ideas with your team. Celebrate the season, don’t fight it!New Call-to-action

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