The Business Benefits of Collaboration

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Synergy is one of the most important aspects of your business at any scale, and the need for synergy and collaboration increases as your scale grows. However, working together can give you more than just a good feeling at work. Company culture is not the only thing on the line when it comes to collaboration – the life of your entire business may hang in the balance.

The need for synergy and collaboration increases as your business grows, and tending to this is crucial to keeping teams in sync and happy.

Companies must also consider the benefits of collaboration outside of itself. Businesses with complementary products or processes may be able to bolster each other in the name of a shared vision.

Process reduplication

There is no greater weight to total business efficiency than repeating processes. Whether you can outsource a process, automate it or simply get rid of overlap between departments, doing things once and only once will improve every aspect of your business. Make sure that people talk so that processes may be streamlined for maximum efficiency.


You hire people for a specific skill set even if your employees wear multiple hats. For most, the ability to specialize in their preferred discipline is a morale booster as well as a ticket to higher efficiency. Consider outside collaborations to spread out some of the rote work to third party specialists or automated systems. Even if you can't get rid of the boring stuff, collaboration will ensure that it takes up less of your employee's time, allowing them to further specialize.

Clarity of vision

Imagine the new levels of efficiency your office would attain if no one had any questions about their daily tasks. Believe it or not, collaboration reduces workplace confusion even as departments overlap and interact. In an ideal workplace, everyone knows exactly who to call for a particular process, because the vision of each employee about his or her role within the company is clear. This also allows individuals to more precisely specialize within their disciplines, improving efficiency over time.


Streamlining processes, allowing employees to specialize and defining company vision will always have a positive effect on revenue, all else being equal. Customer facing operations cannot help but improve if internal operations are moving more smoothly under the guidelines of a clear vision. Your business can also expect a lower number of customer complaints, freeing up your time to further expand the business.


If vision for the business is clear, collaboration means positive expansion. As people watch their efforts grow into a larger space, they can't help but be excited about the prospects of accomplishing something larger. For most millennial employees, this evidence of purpose is even more important than salary and benefits. In general, people like to know that their efforts are having an effect in larger society, and there is no better way to speed along that process than through solid collaborations. We talk more about morale and collaboration here.

The next time that office politics get in the way of an optimized solution, keep in mind that egos may destroy more than emotions in the workplace. Educate your employees on the business benefits of collaboration. Let them know that they are literally helping to employ themselves by working together to create a solid business synergy.

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