4 Ways Business Texting Powers Customer Service

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You’re swamped at work but have a quick question about your appointment for tomorrow. No time to make a phone call, so try a text message to their business number. No response. It’s a regular old 10-digit phone number, why wouldn’t you be able to call AND text it? Chances are, customers are texting your business, but if the number isn’t text-enabled, you wouldn’t even know! Is your business leaving customers hanging and missing out on capturing those inquiries over text message? Meet the existing demands of customers and power up your customer service by enabling business texting!

Meet the existing demands of customers and power up your customer service by enabling business texting!

Let's Talk Business Texting
Business texting uses a 10-digit, or long code, number that’s tied to an area code and allows for instant person-to-person interaction.

This is the perfect platform for:

  • Customer service chats
  • Inquiries about recent orders, requests, or products in stock
  • Personalized communication and information gathering
  • Scheduling ability and appointment reminders
  • Surveys

With such powerful business solutions...  
How exactly can business texting enhance your customer service strategy?

1. Productivity 
Who loves calling customer support to ask a simple shipping question on a recent online order, only to deal with an automated call menu that places you to hold for your entire lunch break? Not us.

Save the time of your customers AND your customer service team with business texting.

Customers: Empower your customers to reach out when they’re available, not whenever the queue of 20+ customers ahead of them dies down. Skip out on the frustration and allow your customers to easily get in touch with you with a text.

Customer Service Team: With business texting, agents are equipped to handle multiple customer interactions at once. Business texting allows them to help more customers throughout the day, research on a desktop while texting on another screen. It improves agent efficiency ten-fold.

2. Convenience
Need to talk with someone about medical test results or other sensitive personal information, but stuck in a public place? Texting allows for a positive and convenient user experience that is direct and avoids the awkwardness of contacting people outside of the comfort of their home.

Rather than having to call to approve an appointment, all your customers have to do is simply text back, “Confirmed”.

Done and done. Convenient? We sure think so.

3. Personalization
If you want your customer service to be top-notch, personalized business texting is the way to go. Texting your customers is a friendly and open form of communication that shows customers you’re approachable… And it can all start with including their first name!

For added personalized customer experience, a little research on your user’s accounts is a must. Do you know what your customer's most recent purchase was, or what store location is closest to them? Showing you know and appreciate your customers with questions and offers that are relevant to their purchase history will do wonders to open and response rates!

“Good afternoon, John! I see you recently purchased the UFC fight last month, can I add the upcoming fight to your account for you?”

4. Automation
Customer service has never been easier with the support of automation. Whether it’s appointment reminders, shipping or delivery notifications, scheduling these text messages ahead of time is key for an amplified customer experience.

Drop the Mic… (and Start Texting) If you’re looking to generate new leads and maximize your customer service offerings, then it’s time to enable calling AND texting for your business.

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