Call Centers: not-so-secret ingredient to CX success

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Your call center is the only customer outreach platform that spans throughout the entire sales funnel. From customer acquisition to loyalty programs, customer experience lives and dies by the quality of this part of your sales team. Forget all of the new, sexy techniques - the secret to great customer experience is right under your nose. Here are some of the ways to ensure that your call center keeps bringing in the bacon.

Forget all of the new, sexy techniques - the secret to great customer experience is right under your nose. Here are some of the ways to ensure that your call center keeps bringing in the bacon.

Your Scripts

You should always maintain scripts for every common situation that your call center representatives will face. However, your scripts should be flexible enough that your employees know when to more fully engage the customer through impromptu conversation. As long as you set a standard for the call center, you should be able to allow employees the ability to put their own unique spins on the script. Read more about the best scripts for your agents here. 

Setting Boundaries

One of the most effective techniques to build trust with your team is to give them responsibility for small customer service issues. Depending on your budget and your individual product profit margin, you can set a maximum standard budget for each call center agent. For instance, giving each agent the ability to refund $100 per week to customers with problems will keep your higher level staff from having to deal with smaller issues. Your call center agents will also appreciate the fact that you are giving them decision-making power, and you should see a quantifiable improvement in sales efficiency.

Intermittent Rewards

Many call center managers make the mistake of making rewards common within the structure of the sales environment. Intermittent rewards are much better for keeping morale high in the office. This also saves the company money, because agents will work harder for rewards that are more spaced out, and especially if they come as a surprise.

Keep in mind that rewards do not have to be cash-based. In order to maintain a sense of challenge in the call center, rewards that are based around accolades and status can be just as effective and motivating.

Rewarding the Entire CX Experience

In order to improve the customer experience, you should also prioritize the entire experience with your call center agents. Many call centers only reward sales, which tends to cause representatives to care less about the other aspects of CX.

Make sure that you are pointing out the agents who give a great experience to your customers in other ways, including solving small problems, properly elevating a concern, and even saving time by getting rid of overbearing customers. However, you should not reduce the priority of closing sales – this is, of course, the lifeblood of your company and should be considered as such.

Elevating CX means accelerating your entire call center from the beginning of the sales process to the end. Setting the boundaries for your agents while giving them responsibility and rewarding them intermittently for all aspects of CX will ensure that you have the best call center that you possibly can. Give yourself the advantage of a highly motivated staff with the ability to fully engage customers on a personal level, and your entire company will reap the rewards of a more loyal client base!
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