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If you're reading this, the odds are you are a champion of culture at your company. Or maybe you are capable of being a champion, you just don’t know how (yet!). This post will provide some checkpoints that will validate you’re on the right track and show you how to continue being a champion of your company culture.

Culture doesn't begin with a specific action, it begins with people! Read on to discover how you can become a champion of your company culture.

One the hardest parts of building culture is where to begin. What we fail to realize is that culture doesn’t begin with a specific action, it begins with people. So rather than ask where, ask who! You need people who not only represent the culture when it’s popular, but 24/7. Leaders that your team can look to for an example of what it means to be an employee at your company.

Whether it’s how you interact with co-workers, how you work with customers, or how you handle yourself in certain situations, champions of culture should be the perfect example. Once your team understands your culture by seeing it consistently in action, it becomes contagious.

Lead by Example

First things first, take a look at yourself. A true champion of culture isn’t a leader who has an executive title or is capable of creating policy, but instead a leader who inspires. It doesn’t matter what your role is, if you begin to live by the culture that you wish to see, others will begin to follow along. In reality, the task of leading by example never ends. A true champion of culture eats, sleeps and breathes what they preach!

“Everything a leader does either helps, hurts or hinders the creation of a great team culture.”
- S. Chris Edmonds, The Culture Engine

Be Genuine

Just like anything else in life, if you aren’t truly passionate about it or if you don’t truly care, it’s obvious. As a culture champion, you are constantly under a microscope because others look to you for guidance even when you don’t realize it. As much pressure as this may be, if it’s sincere, those moments can be monumental in the growth of your culture. It’s almost impossible to be a champion of culture if you can’t check this box because ultimately, without genuine care for the well-being of your co-workers, you cannot affect the change required to create it.

Be Patient

Culture, like most great things, isn’t created overnight. The other thing you need to be conscientious of is the fact that change naturally scares people. Even when the change is positive, if you don’t plan for some hesitation, you're in for a rude awakening! Knowing this, a true champion of culture can articulate why there is a need for change and get buy-in across the board (which is key).

Blow minds on a regular basis

For most people, high-quality company culture is something they haven’t experienced yet in their career. Sometimes even the smallest display of caring for or valuing your team goes a long way. Same goes for customers, they don’t often do businesses with companies who put culture first, if at all. If you stay true to your culture at all times, you will blow minds on a regular basis because you will shatter their concept of how they deserve to be treated, simply by putting them first!

Keep your promises

A large factor in creating a lasting culture is creating trust among the team. As a champion of culture, it's crucial that you follow through with your words because effectiveness is directly related to credibility. If your team believes in you, they will believe in the culture you are building.

A.B.C. (Always Be Culturing)

In sales they say, "Always be closing," but I thought this painted the picture perfectly. Culture is anything but stagnant, it’s constantly evolving. As you add more team members into the mix, new products, new customers… EVERYTHING can have an effect on culture. 

“Unlike most projects, the culture initiative will never be finished. You’ll see terrific alignment in the first 18 to 24 months, but your work environment is always evolving.”
- S. Chris Edmonds, The Culture Engine

As a champion of culture, your job is never done! New Call-to-action

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