5 Ways Chat Bots Benefit Sales & Marketing Teams

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The way we communicate is constantly changing; a fact we take for granted in a world where email now seems positively antiquated. For businesses, it is time to rethink the ideal method of customer communication. Chat bots — essentially AI that interacts with customers both intuitively and with a great degree of sophistication — are helping brands rethink their approach to marketing, sales, and customer service.

Chat bots — essentially AI that interacts with customers both intuitively and with a great degree of sophistication — are helping brands rethink their approach to marketing, sales, and customer service.

Here are five key indicators that chat bots benefit business sales and marketing efforts.

Chat Bots Provide Answers To Pressing Customer Questions Quickly

As machine learning has evolved, bots have increasingly become an integral part of customer service for profitable businesses. According to an Oracle survey, 80% of respondents indicated either already used chat bots or indicated their intent to use them by 2020.

One reason chat bots are highly desirable is that they can provide quick and concise answers to the important questions customers have. For example, let's say a customer wants to know whether the company will price match for a product they wish to purchase. Calling can lead to frustrating wait times, and an email response could take hours.

By contrast, chat bots can provide the answers customers seek quickly. This can be the difference between winning a sale and potential customers going elsewhere for a lower price, even if they are already loyal to your brand.

Fast Learning Enhances A Marketing Strategy

The form of chat bots provide is a key benefit, but no less important is the information chat bots can collect for marketing efforts. Thanks to today's web-based tech, businesses have more data on potential and existing customers than they can reasonably make sense of with human analysis. Fortunately, automation and AI advancement can tap into this data to make predictive insights into the actions of current and potential customers alike.

While chat bots answer customer questions, they can also:

Once bots collect this data and analyze it, a marketing team's workload is reduced since unqualified leads can be culled, which necessarily increases marketing efficiency as well. Further, marketing and sales teams can then make use of customer insights for strong leads in order to create compelling content that lead to completed sales.

Chat Bots Are Proactive

Even for companies that stress and prioritize customer service, the efforts are often reactionary without chat bots. With AI, however, customers outreach can begin as soon as a potential customer visits a website. A simple and automated "How can we help you today?" can be used to make sure that customers know they have immediate assistance when and if it is needed.

Automation Finds The Right Leads

Marketing departments know that finding the right leads is based on both insight and timing. Bots are uniquely suited to help in this regard.

Once bots identify strong leads through data collection and analysis, the chat bots then can send a nearly instant and conversational message. This process can be used to:

  • Obtain more information to assign the lead to the right department or sales agent
  • Maximize conversion rates by responding to potential leads immediately, even if sales representatives are not immediately available
  • Reduces the possibility of leads getting away because of human error

Chat Bots Offer Post-Sales Support

Once your business makes a sale, bots can continue to engage with customers and make sure they are happy with the product or service purchased. Instead of human outreach that can be both time-consuming and inefficient, chatbots follow up by:

  • Making sure all customers are happy with automated customer satisfaction messages
  • Keeping customers engaged with the brand by announcing upcoming services or exciting new products
  • Offering incentive-laden discounts and deals that personalize the brand's interaction with customers, such as birthday offers

These are just a few of the many ways chat bots are transforming sales and marketing efforts. In short, chat bots are here to stay, benefiting both businesses and the customers that a brand serves.New Call-to-action

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