Cloud & Mobile Are Poised for Greater Launch

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Both mobile and cloud-based contact center solutions will become prominent and important in both 2015 and beyond. According to No Jitter's Matt Lautz, larger enterprises often take a sit-and-wait approach, or at least avoid large investments until technology has fully matured and common misconceptions are debunked: lack of security, compliance and functionality. Bottom line, adoption is curbed until it's longer seen as a risky proposition. 



This is certainly the case with cloud-based contact centers now. The majority of decision makers realize their fears were misguided or misinformed - the cloud actually represents a powerful tool for encouraging enterprise growth, while maintaining the ability to gain flexibility with less effort.The flexibility, security, and cost of the cloud have proven that it is here to stay.

Mobile Advancements and Opportunities

It's no secret that desk phones are disappearing and becoming a relic of the past. Nearly one-third of U.S households no longer have land line phones according to the Census Bureau report, and this trend will likely spill over into businesses. There's already been a steady trend of businesses favoring smart phones and mobile usage for field agents, since they reduce cost and give agents the ability to work at home (off site) or on-the-go.

For 2015, the demand will be on client/user experience. They will demand features that create a seamless transition between desk and mobile environments. For organizations to stay competitive, agents must be able to track real-time performance, which is crucial because every minute that a call center is down or under performing could result in a loss of thousands - if not tens of thousands of dollars.

See how we are changing the game for our customers through the Contact Center Mobile Admin application, which is included as part of Ytel Contact Center. This new app integrates seamlessly with Ytel Contact Center, pulling real-time, quantifiable data for supervisors and floor managers.

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