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Remote teams are more common than not in the modern business landscape; it's become the norm for most companies to have a handful of employees who work remotely from various locations. Chances are good at some point you will have a remote employee on your team, and learning how to work together early on is essential.

Chances are good at some point you will have a remote employee on your team, and learning how to work together early on is essential.

Communicate Daily

This may seem like overdoing it, but communication is essential with a remote team. Make it a priority to connect for 5-10 minutes each day, just to check in and discuss any roadblocks or action items that need acknowledgment.

Best Tools for Collaboration


  • Chat with teammates or in groups, share ideas and host casual meetings
  • Quickly route approvals, share documents and more.


  •  A color coded, organized project management tool that can be adapted for any department and their needs. Every department at Ytel has implemented Trello into their arsenal, and we've all felt more productive thanks to it. Trello can keep your teams organized with tagging, labels like 'Past Due' or 'In Progress', individual boards for each team member, and much more. The options are endless with this platform. 

Google Hangouts/ Meet

  • Efficiently organize virtual team meetings through Hangouts. Jump on calls quickly and even create your own department Hangout for your team only. 

Shared team Google Drive

  • Share files in the cloud that update in real-time, save automatically, and can be accessed from virtually anywhere so you're always on the same page. 

Meet in Person

Quarterly or annually, make a meeting or event happen in person so your team can hang out and build the bonds that will keep them close and working successfully together.  

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