Content Marketing: What's the Future?

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Content marketing is the future, there's no denying that. As we continue through this digital age, content is a key piece of the puzzle that makes up your website for a few important reasons. This post focuses on content marketing, where it's headed, and why your business should be planning ahead with content, campaigns and direction. Read on for more! 

This post focuses on content marketing, where it's headed, and why your business should be planning ahead with content, campaigns and direction for each audience your business targets. Read on for more!


Your voice and style are two key factors within your content marketing strategy and each piece of content you distribute to your audience. Your voice should be upbeat and in line with your brand, as should the style of your writing. Whether it's a one-person production or you have an entire team, make sure you have an editor who reviews everything before it gets pushed out to ensure the style and voice are cohesive throughout each blog post, whitepaper, press release, etc.


Every piece of content you create should tell a story. Whether it's an eBook, your email strategy, workflows, blog posts, infographics, etc. We believe this is where the future (and present!) of marketing lies. Every piece of marketing collateral your team pushes out should tell an engaging story to your audience; it should draw them in, educate or inform them on a topic in a way that doesn't come off salesy or pushy. This can be done in a variety of ways, but storytelling is one of the most popular because of the explosion of business blogging.


The reality of marketing content is that we do need to provide helpful, useful and educational content at EVERY stage of the customer journey. After you've established your personas and those customer journeys, tailor your content specific to each customer journey! For example, your prospects who are on the fence abut your product may need a case study from a  customer in a similar industry who found massive success using your product. This prospect may need some sort of affirmation of what your company can offer, and how it will benefit them! 

On the flip side, a prospect who is brand new to your website, products, and isn't that far down the pipeline, would do much better digesting content that is less product-focused and more educational. Sharing an e-book or whitepaper that is informational on one topic and encourages the reader to continue seeking more information and diving deeper into your website and engaging with more content. 


Leave room for creativity! Be flashy and fun when your content allows for it. Chances are good your target audience allows for that style at least on occasion, so play to that when the opportunity presents itself.
This can be done through:

  • Gifs, memes and cartoons
  • Video that lets your audience get to know your team, products, and culture
  • Infographics, visual slides, banners and more

How does your company intend on scaling your marketing strategy in the future? Share an example with us in the comments or tweet us @AskYtel

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