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Company culture is more than comfort; it is part of the lifeblood of the modern business. In today's highly competitive business landscape, every company is always auditioning for top level talent. The culture that a company generates is a huge part of attracting this talent. Here are some tips to create that positive work culture that everybody wants and HR needs!

The culture that a company generates is a huge part of attracting this talent. Here are some tips to create that positive work culture that everybody wants and HR needs!

If your business is looking for youthful, tech savvy graduates, then it needs excellent reports from sites like Glassdoor. Good reports means that the internal culture is strong and positive.

Close the Generational Divide

A great deal of office politics is born out of generational differences. Generation X, Generation Y and the Baby Boomers have vastly different motivations from millennials and Generation Z. There have been entire books written on the subject, but to summarize: the older the generation, the more married to the traditional vestiges of success. For instance, the vaulted title and corner office is much more important to a Generation X employee than to a millennial. The millennial is more likely to value the ability to work remotely.

The beginnings of great company culture start with recognizing the differences in employee motivations. Take the time to learn what drives your employees, and your company culture will naturally adapt.

Give Them Just Enough Rope to Save Themselves

Freedom of choice is essential in creating a natural company culture. If you have the kind of personalities who enjoy throwing birthday parties for fellow employees, let them. If this does not come organically out of your ranks, do not force it. Just because your people do not necessarily participate in the same traditions as you would does not mean they have no traditions. They just need to find those traditions for themselves. You can find more company culture recommendations here.

As long as you do not see anything that will negatively affect productivity, let traditions come naturally from your employee base. Employees will appreciate organic traditions more, and they will appreciate you for letting them flourish.

Spring for the Hardware

As part of the executive, ownership or management class, it is your responsibility to facilitate company culture, not to create it. When you see a tradition bubbling up organically, look for ways to empower that tradition. For instance, if you see employees visiting the coffee shop next door every day before work, spring for a coffee machine. You will naturally improve productivity in the office because your coffee drinkers will not have to go outside of the office to indulge their habits.

You will need to stay on your toes in order to find opportunities to empower new traditions. You may also misinterpret things from time to time. Do not let this discourage you. Employees will appreciate the effort even if you are not 100% correct about your assumptions all the time.

Lead from the Back

The creation of culture is perhaps the only time at which the executive class takes a backseat. Culture usually bubbles up from the bottom tiers of a company; it is not a top-down phenomenon. Allowing your employees to create their own culture also empowers them in a way that does not threaten the vision of the company. Give your employees the reins for best results.

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