Email Marketing Mistakes to Avoid This Year

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Email has quickly taken the world by storm as a key method of communication, particularly for SaaS-based companies and those broad customer bases. The realization of what email campaigns can do in terms of upselling, product/ feature updates and more has had businesses on a global scale using email to get in touch with their customers more frequently to offer new services, see where they need improvement, and provide company updates. 

Email has quickly taken the world by storm as a key method of communication, particularly for SaaS-based companies and those broad customer bases. There are always mistakes to be made, though, and we're helping you avoid them!

1. Forget a call to action (CTA)

Not including a call to action in your email is like giving someone directions but leaving out the final three steps of where they're supposed to go... you're leaving them lost and confused. Without a CTA in an email, the recepients have no direction or action to accomplish. They don't know what to do next, so chances are good they'll probably just delete your email. 

2. Have a crappy subject line

  • Subject lines are the bait that get your readers to click.. set your emails up for better open rates, engagement and clicks by having subject lines that rock. 
  • Ask a question, use personalization tokens to include their first name, get creative and make it snappy! Some great tips on how to make your subject lines pop can be found by email masterminds, Hubspot. 

3. Ignore mobile

  • It's 2017, ignore mobile and there's no point in sending email at all. More than two thirds of your email list will be reading your email on their smart phone or mobile device so if you ignore mobile, you're discounting more than half of your audience. Is that the strategy you really want to implement? I don't think so! 

4. Fail to test

  • Fail to plan, plan to fail, right? Testing is absoutely KEY for email marketing of any kind. Sending an email campaign without testing first is one of the least efficient actions a marketer can take.
  • There are so many elements of an email to be tested; from fonts to the graphics, the subject line, location of the CTAs on the email and the branding that ties in, testing all of these elements to discover the best flow is essential before sending. 

5. Overkill with images

  • Our standard rule of thumb is 50/50 or 60/40 ratio between text and images at all times. Some email providers block images, so sending an graphic-heavy email isn't worth the risk if none of them show up anyway. It makes you look unprofessional and your email look drab and boring. 

6. Bore them with text 

  • Emails that are bulleted, easy to read include headers and bolded or highlighted sentences to grab the reader's attention convert more frequently at a higher rate than any other format. Monster emails that take more than ten minutes to read are not going to garner the results you're hoping for.
  • This goes hand in hand with testing, but you'll find that lengthy marketing emails are likely to bring your numbers down, not up.

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