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A hot topic in 2017 was employee wellness, and rightfully so. As health and wellness takes a much more prominent priority in people's lives all over the globe, they demand the same prerogative from their employers. Wellness programs can span from a multitude of different things, and today we're talking about the variety of programs you can offer your employees.

Wellness programs can span from a multitude of different things, and today we're talking about the variety of programs you can offer your employees.

Lower Health Care Costs

Regardless of which side of the political argument you're on, as a businessperson, you should be looking to lower your health care costs at every turn. Preventive measures cost a mere fraction of fixing mistakes and bad behaviors. You want to avoid chronic disease, on the job mishaps, and unhealthy working conditions at all costs. Every one of those things will cost you more in the long run than investing in an employee wellness program right now.

Improved Productivity

You have lowered costs on the supply side. The other side of the equation, raising the amount of business that you can do, is a very important aspect of increasing revenues and longevity for your business. Low employee productivity can be a result of a poor wellness program, among many other things.

An unhealthy employee costs 2 to 3 times more to sustain than a healthy employee. They cannot work as fast, and the work they do is much less professional. You will also lose money based on the amount of attention that has to be spent on correcting the mistakes of an unhealthy employee. Your management will have to spend time chastising them, and your executives will have to deal with mistakes instead of thinking about expansion.


If your business is based around the attendance of your staff in any way, then the mere presence of employees who are healthy will bolster your business.

Very simply put, healthier employees show up to work more often. They don't have to take as many sick days, and their morale is such that they want to come to work instead of thinking of an excuse not to go. Employees with lower blood pressure, low cholesterol, and a healthy heart will also have other healthy characteristics, including a high morale that will become contagious around the office.

Recruitment and Retention

The lower your turnover rate, the better the morale in your office. Employees are more likely to stay if they know the company has a vested interest in employee health. A wellness program is also a great way to attract top talent in an incredibly competitive marketplace.

Nearly every large tech company is offering some sort of wellness program, some of them quite robust. Perks from free gym memberships to onsite health offices keep employees healthy and happy while reducing the costs of health in the company.

Take a good look at the well being of your employees if you want your business to thrive in the coming years. Competition in every industry is fierce, and you will need loyal employees just as much as you will need loyal customers in order to build and expand. Take the tips above to heart, and always keep your ear to the street for new ways to give your employees more opportunity and a higher morale.

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