Finish 2016 Strong with Sales Motivation

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Here are some of the techniques for your sales team to finish 2016 strong in the upcoming holiday months to finish the year with a bang. Let's do this!

 The successful techniques that motivate a sales team to higher performance may seem counterintuitive at times, but research and performance don't lie. Here are some of the techniques that you can employ on your sales team to finish 2016 strong in the upcoming holiday months to finish the year with a bang, and start 2017 on the right foot. Let's do this!

Intermittent Rewards

Some management teams make the mistake of upping the ante on the reward structure during the final months of the year. Harvard University and many other respected research institutions have found that intermittent rewards work best when attempting to incentivize behavior. If your sales team does not know when or where you will give your next bonus, they will not be able to prepare a certain strategy for that reward. They will remain on their toes in general, improving their overall performance. However, you should be sure to incorporate some kind of reward into the process – intermittent does not mean absent.


The most important aspect of the current generation of gamification sales solutions is the automation that the systems use to determine superior performance. The system sets up the credits and benchmarks dispassionately, and the way in which it analyzes performance is also completely objective. If you let your sales team know that rewards and positive attention are not contingent upon personal relationships, the entire sales team will be more likely to respond to your holiday quotas in a positive way. Although a human component to management will always be necessary to tweak sales technique, it is becoming less important for analyzing hard numbers and rewarding superior performance in the sales room.

Stronger Infrastructure

The stronger that your infrastructure is for building relationships with customers, the more effective your sales team will be. In general, people work harder for a company they respect. Your infrastructure extends from the digital connections that you employee to ensure a clear phone conversation all the way to your rules about littering on the premises. Sticking with the more technical aspects of your infrastructure, your communications must incorporate a modern CRM, especially customer organization and grouping, into its structure.

Give your sales team the ability to easily record and access information about clients so that they do not have to spend time in the beginning of the sales funnel asking exploratory questions that have already been answered. You also give your sales team a much better chance of a successful interaction, because your customers will be much happier that they do not have to explain themselves many times over. 

Non-Monetary Rewards

In most cases, a sales team will respond just as readily to non-monetary rewards as it will to cash bonuses. Try to think of rewards that connect your employees to the company and give them the opportunity to function as your PR agents do off-site. This might work just as well as motivation that money does.

For instance, instead of a holiday cash bonus, you might offer discounts to your products or deals on related products. You can give away company swag to your own employees or allow them a more flexible dress code in the office, if your company culture allows for that. In many cases, raising an employee in terms of status can be even more effective than cash rewards, even during the holidays. It's also much less expensive for the company, as well.

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