Why Good Support is Better than Fast Support

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It is very important to work with a company who employs great customer support. Note that great customer support does not necessarily mean fast customer support. Good support is always better than support claiming to be available around the clock, chat bots at the ready to send you on a run around without ever solving a problem. Let's take a look at why good support is better than fast support and why you need to look for the former with all of the companies you contract with.

The proliferation of support companies corresponds to an increasing need for third party expertise. Boutique companies run on a skeleton crew never have enough manpower to administrate all of the tech behind the scenes, and this trend will only increase with the gigification of the economy.

Fast support that doesn't work ends up being slow support.

So what if you can reach someone immediately with a problem? Companies do this as a psychological distraction. If they make you feel better about the problem, you may forget the fact that the problem isn't getting solved. By the time you get the answer, you've wasted more time than you would have if you'd troubleshooted it yourself or just waited on a competent company's business hours.

The result - that super fast connection you got ended up being slow support anyway. 

Good support keeps you from coming back for more.

Companies like repeat business. The customer support division within that company should not. More calls to the customer support department most likely correspond with less calls to the sales office (although this has never been studied, it makes logical sense). If support takes its time, solves the problem and ensures future viability, you will not be calling that office again very soon. You save time and manpower that can be used for other departments and issues.

Good support has time to think ahead.

Even fast support that solves a problem with a band aid immediately is not always as good as creating a holistic solution that solves a problem at its roots. In coding, this phenomenon is called technical debt - the burden that coders place on the future of an application by quickly solving problems with band aids up front. Looking at the code holistically means that coders may have to spend a longer amount of time reworking entire sections of the program to function more closely together. They may even have to tear apart some sections that were marked as finished. However, the final result is a stronger program that will not break down at the slightest provocation in the future.

Fast support creates a lack of internal accountability.

There are always problems that only experts can solve. However, some issues have to do with the carelessness of employees. Having a customer support team on call at all hours may cause people inside your company to become dependent on it. If you can keep most issues at bay by simply being careful (which you can), then you owe it to your business to create this culture. Customer support is just that - support. It is only meant to be used for problems that your in-house staff truly can not handle on its own.

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