How to Find (& Keep) the Tech Talent You Need

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There are always more prospective employees than jobs - unless you are talking about elite tech prospects. These young, exciting employees will always have their pick of the litter because of their incredibly precise skill sets. Young employees have the ability to exponentially improve the productivity and connectivity of a company. However, they can be tricky to keep inside of a traditional employment structure.

There are always more prospective employees than jobs - unless you are talking about elite tech prospects. Here are some of the best ways to find and keep the tech talent that you need to move your company forward in the next decade.

Everything is Set Up

Before you even look for new hires, you must set your company up to receive them properly. Take a look at the successful companies with low employee turnover like Google and Apple. These companies completely forego traditional structure. For instance, instead of rigid group meetings with leather chairs, they hold informal synergy sessions in beanbag chairs. 20% of the day is dedicated for employees to brainstorm on their own. They also have luxury amenities on site (laundry, child care, spa, etc.) so that employees don't have to go anywhere during the workday. You may not be able to afford elite amenities; however, you can definitely invest in an awesome espresso machine and catered lunches!

Promote Your Company Culture

Potential employees communicate with each other via company review sites like Glassdoor. On these websites, current employees will explain exactly what goes on behind closed doors. The entire system is anonymous, so there is no threat of backlash for any employee who wants to make a report. Realize that your company is always under the microscope because of websites like this, and treat your current employees with all of the respect they deserve.

The other aspect of promoting your company culture means using social media and other avenues to express the day-to-day life that your employees can expect. Ideally, your current employees will be enjoying each other's company, working productively and creating incredible new things as you photograph them. Remember that you are auditioning your company just as much as new prospects are auditioning for you, especially if you are trying to hire elite tech prospects.

Give People a Reason to Choose Your Infrastructure

Millennials (the group of people who comprise most of the young tech prospects you are looking for) have a different set of values when compared to employees from previous generations. They are much more attuned to social outreach and carbon footprints than to titles and even salary. Do not think that you can attract top tech talent with a few more dollars.

Your infrastructure must be set up to interact with the surrounding community. It must also be attractive to team synergy. Perhaps the most important internal change is to ensure that none of your new hires will need to engage in mindless work that can be handled by automated processes. If anything, you may want to hire a tech specialist to create this system for you!

Overall, once you have the employees you want, listen to them closely so that you can keep up with their needs as they supply yours. Remember that younger tech prospects do not respond to the same rewards as older employees, and watch as your turnover rate falls and productivity rises!

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