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    Lead Follow-Up: Top Strategies to Implement

    The way that you follow up on your leads determines your bottom line and the viability of your marketing techniques. Here are some of the best follow up techniques to use once you have the attention of your target audience.


    Remarketing is every company's dirty little secret – everyone uses it, but no one will talk about it. Remarketing is basically online stalking – you are following your target audience around the web in an attempt to make them believe they are viewing your advertisements organically. However, there is nothing illegal about it, and it is highly effective. Remarketing should be a central theme of your lead follow-up strategy, as it tends to bolster the positive effect of everything else on this list.

    Information Grabs

    The number one way to snag a highly loyal customer is to get them to opt-in. This takes place in many stages, the first of which is the information grab. You should never give any proprietary information or product away for free. Although you may not charge a new customer anything for an introduction or a sample, you should look for a payment of information in exchange for your giveaway products. Those pop-up boxes prompting you for your email that occur online may be annoying, but they work! People who are looking to maintain a relationship will gladly give you some way to contact them consistently.

    Adding Value

    Just because a potential customer has given you an email doesn't mean that you can spam endlessly looking for a sale. The opt-in techniques mentioned above are only the first step. You will quickly find your email list dwindling if you try to incorporate direct marketing hard sells into your email campaigns. Every email that you send after the initial information grab should provide some sort of value to your recipients. You can certainly drive the people to your website with a well-placed link, but only after you have proven your worth.

    Group Activities

    This follow-up strategy may seem like we are going back to the elementary school playground, and with good reason: We are. The techniques that are used to corral and control children on a playground work just as well on fully developed adults. In short, you should look for ways to engage new prospects in circular activities that center around your product or brand. This can be done through various apps and techniques on social media, all of which share the same basic technique. People who are newly introduced to your products will be more likely to convert if they hear that others know about the product as well.

    Vertical Marketing

    Attaching your brand to a complementary product with a solid reputation is a great way to follow up on your leads. If you are selling skateboard pads, affiliating yourself with the top skateboard company is a way to endear yourself to your target audience and speed up the conversion process. By going vertical, you are showing your new leads exactly how to fit your product into their lifestyles. They will appreciate not having to do this work for themselves and reward you with sales and referrals.

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