Lead Gen Trends: What's on the Horizon in 2018

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As lead generation trends shift, businesses are attempting to stay abreast on the latest strategies that prove effective. In this post, we're highlighting three trends to watch for in 2018 and ways they can improve your own lead gen strategy.

In this post, we're highlighting three trends to watch for in 2018 and ways they can improve your own lead gen strategy.

Trend 1: Quality of Leads & Outreach

Lead quality is constantly shifting depending on who you talk to. Certain qualities contribute to your prospects qualification as 'high quality' leads.

In 2018, s
trong lead quality will be achieved as prospects check the appropriate boxes for your Sales team:

  • Multi-channel interactions
    • Whether it be by phone, SMS, email, your website, your social platforms, etc. Engaging in multiple channels means the prospect is definitely interested and exploring and performing research through multiple avenues.
  • Engaging with relevant content
    • Maybe a Sales rep emailed them a product sheet, or they downloaded an eBook your marketing team released... engaging in your content multiple times means your leads are listening, and they're interested. 
  • Interested in contact
    • If a lead blows off setting up a call with a rep, they probably aren't as warm as you think they are. If they are eager to talk and ready to set a time (and they've done the aforementioned bullets as well), you have a warm and high quality lead.

Trend 2: Catering to Multiple Players

As organizational hierarchy changes, your team should stay ahead of the curve by knowing the full picture; who is performing research, who has buying power and who the key decision makers are. Knowing the interests and needs of each person throughout the process will only help prepare your sales team to be more informed to complete the sale. 

Trend 3: Lead Scoring relies on Both Marketing & Sales

Your Sales team will need to continue educating themselves on their prospects the further down the discovery path they go. This can vary from business type, what technology will suit them best, use cases for your product/ service, and much more. All of this will showcase your company's expertise and willingness to educate, rather than just force a sale.

We already know that not all leads are created equal. Lead scoring can reveal where you should be allocating effort and resources, depending on the behavior of your leads. Marketing can help Sales by providing additional insight of prospects, such as:

  • Website visits: Do they visit your website often?
  • Social engagement: Are they tweeting your company and interacting?
  • Email engagement: Are they opening emails, clicking links, or did they unsubscribe?

This is all information that Marketing can provide in order to properly score leads and ultimately, win more deals for the Sales team.

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This article was originally posted here and has been adapted with our opinions and findings.

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