A Secret Marketing & Sales Power Tool: RVM

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If your sales team spends substantially more time making calls and leaving messages than closing deals, ringless voicemail (RVM) is a weapon that should be added to your arsenal. It's a human message that is far less intrusive than a phone call.

For more efficient lead gen for both marketing and sales, ringless voicemail is a strong contributor for increasing engagement and conversion rates.

Looking for an alternative to the traditional lead gen methods for your sales team?

We've talked about ringless voicemail before, and why it makes sense for businesses to implement. It's newer to market, hasn't been entirely adapted by companies yet, and yields higher ROI than traditional marketing methods. 


  • 97% of the U.S. population has a mobile phone
  • 91% of people carry their mobile devices at work
  • 80% of numbers given to companies are mobile

RVM has a staggering 97% open rate, and only SMS can boast a higher rate. So what gives RVM an edge over SMS?

  • Fewer opt-in requirements
  • No charge to recipient
  • Begins a human conversation

While many communication channels offer an automated experience, you can expect a decent amount of prospects still want human interaction throughout the sales process. RVM starts that interaction because of its high listen and response rates.

For example, drop RVMs to your distribution list to simplify your cold call prospecting. You won’t have to worry about calling at the right time or remembering the best parts of your pitch. Because leads haven’t missed intrusive, poorly timed calls, there’s no negative association with your voicemails. Only their curiosity and the power of your sales message stand in the way of getting a call back.

The only way contacts can learn more about the voicemail is by listening to your RVM. This method yields 2x the response rate from a traditional missed call voicemail. If they call back, it’s safe to assume the lead is ready to talk shop, otherwise they wouldn’t be wasting their time.

By delivering genuinely interested calls directly to your sales team, they’re spending more time closing deals than prospecting or warming leads. A direct voicemail delivery solution creates efficiency with a great ROI.

RVM is a useful channel for brand engagement, lead generation, and lead nurturing like SMS. It provides marketing and other internal teams with a new channel to:

  • Provide product or service updates or alerts
  • Confirm appointments or scheduling
  • Remind contact lists of useful product/service tips and tricks
  • Drop messages with new CTAs to trigger further engagement
  • Communicate with employees in the field without interrupting their work

An average marketer spends about 36% of their week on repetitive tasks that boost low converting marketing channels like email, web pages, and social media. Implementing a ringless voicemail strategy into a traditional marketing strategy will save time, resources, and increase ROI on inbound campaigns.

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