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    The Power of Social Selling for your business

    One of the most effective ways to ensure that no problem gets out of hand is to start your business relationship as an open two-way conversation. The buzzword defining this relationship is "social selling," a way of describing a continuous interaction between company and client via social media.

    When properly implemented, social selling starts in the prospective stage of the client interaction and continues deep into the relationship. 76% of consumers have expressed an interest in keeping in touch with the businesses that they patronize in this way, so you will never have to worry about your efforts falling on deaf ears. There will always be someone listening if you engage appropriately.

    Industry standard response times are depleting across the board. You can never gauge exactly how your audience will prefer to receive their responses, nor will you always be able to keep up with the largest spikes of communications that usually occur quite unexpectedly. 

    80% of users who ask a question to a business on Facebook now expect an answer within the hour. 72% of users on Twitter are also looking for a response within 60 minutes.

    The solution that many companies are finding is a multi-channel cloud communications strategy that allows for an open dialogue between customers and client using the client's platform of choice.

    The response of joining the social selling market is already very well documented. LinkedIn's proprietary Social Selling Index has already identified the following metrics as directly correlated to your ability and willingness to engage in social selling:

    • You will have at least 45% more opportunities to sell
    • You are 51% more likely to meet your sales quota
    • Social sellers outsell old school marketers 78% of the time

    Social selling works in the B2B market, as well. As a matter of fact, sellers within this market find the investment return the highest because of the potential volume that other businesses do as compared to a retail client. Companies may also be able to save money up and down their supply chain simply by opening up a conversation with vendors on social media channels. Clients will also be happy to know that their supply chain is becoming more transparent should they pick up on these communications.

    Keeping an open conversation with all of your customers may seem like an overwhelming task, but it can be done with the right omni-communications platform as a service (CPaaS) partner by your side. The right partner will relieve your in-house staff of the need to spend their time keeping up with the schedules of your customers, automating the route communications processes while maintaining an air of personalization that will keep your customers fully engaged. Take advantage of modern technology as a Service to give yourself the edge on your competition when it comes to your sales funnel, and make social selling a priority in your business.

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