Radio + Texting = Higher Conversion Rates

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Here's a little-known secret. Marketers are finding a ton of success taking an old channel with a ton of reach (Radio advertising) and incorporating a new call-to-action (Business Texting). And it's super easy to get started. 

We're sharing how inbound SMS offers a more controlled and desired conversation for prospects, and can generate much higher responses for businesses.

Radio has stood the test of time and is still a premier method to reach people across the country. According to Nielsen, 92% of Americans still listen to the radio every week! This is even ahead of people who watch television and listen to podcasts 🙌

But for years advertisers struggled to monetize radio ads effectively. They couldn’t show a measurable ROI and weren’t able to get this offline channel to join them online. That has all changed. Marketers are starting to realize that they can easily solve these problems with business texting. Allowing listeners to text message businesses has dramatically increased conversion rates.

Which makes sense. Everyone has a mobile phone these days and texts. And according to Forbes, texting has a 209% higher response than a phone call. Not too surprising given that 95% of text messages are opened and viewed within 5 minutes!

Here are a few ways in which business texting improves radio ads:

Texting is accessible
When it comes to having a great marketing campaign, everyone knows that to be successful you need to make it as easy as possible for the consumer to interact with your brand. The call-to-action (CTA) is often the most important part of your ad. If consumers feel that it requires too much effort or information on their part, then they most likely won’t interact with you at all.

This is where texting shines. You can have a CTA for listeners to text a keyword to your phone number to receive a coupon or even a link to a specific promotion on your website, turning your offline interaction online and mobile. You can even have listeners send in a text message to connect with a live agent or an automated bot!

You can measure your success
With every advertising campaign, it is vital to understand the success each ad has and if you are reaching your target audience. When people are visiting your website or calling your company number, it can be difficult to measure where they are coming from and which ad caused them to interact with your company. When people text your phone number, you’ll know exactly where they are coming from and how successful your ads are really performing.

As companies advertise they always want to be able to have measurable results. By providing them another metric which they can see how well their advertisements are performing. It bolsters their confidence in that marketing channel. Sometimes it can be difficult to measure success over the radio, and companies can worry it isn’t the best channel to push their company. Even though you know people are hearing the information you need a better way to track that success.

You can stay in contact
This is probably the most important reason you need to be texting. When done right, it gives you the ability to reach out to your customers in the future with new offers. You no longer need to merely hope that they are on the radio to hear your next offer. It also puts your phone number in your prospective customer’s phones. That way you will be top of mind and easy to contact when the timing is right for the prospect to purchase your product or service!

As you can see, there are a ton of benefits associated with incorporating texting options into your radio advertisements. Getting started is also really easy. We can even help text enable your existing phone numbers! So signup or contact us today to get started!

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