RCS: The New Frontier of Text Messaging

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Are you communicating with leads via text? If so, there's a channel propelling SMS beyond what businesses and consumers expect to see when they open a text message on their device. Read to discover how this new channel can fuel your lead gen strategy.

RCS is propelling SMS marketing forward through rich messages that include audio, video, animations, and custom colors for authenticated marketing.

Lead generation is a popular and effective strategy to help identify prospects and facilitate them to the proper sales channels. RCS is a communications channel that’s propelling SMS beyond its current text message capabilities and will elevate lead gen efforts through interactive messaging. 

What is RCS?

  • RCS stands for Rich Communication Services
  • Communications method intended to succeed SMS
  • Designed to enable messaging as a platform (MaaP) for business use  

What does it offer businesses?

  • Verified business sending for authenticated marketing
  • Custom colors and brand icons
  • Suggested actions buttons
  • Delivery and read receipts set as default
  • Rich media features in-message for an app-like experience

‘Rich’ means more than just a text! It includes audio, video, animations, stickers, and custom colors. RCS is SMS on steroids; from endless options in customization, down to the color of the text bubble sent out. 



160 character limit  Nearly unlimited character limit


255 ASCII   Nearly unlimited characters


Message sent/delivered  Message sent & delivered, Read & Typing


Nearly 100% mobile devices, networks  Network and device specific

Think of a messaging app like Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp. RCS is similar to that chat experience; you can send RCS messages over data instead of text, which carriers charge for usage. Unlike other messaging apps or even iMessage (which is limited to Apple OS), RCS hopes to achieve the universal adaption and interoperability that SMS currently maintains.


  • Easy two-way communications with suggested action and quick reply buttons
  • Host forms to gather more info from leads without leaving the message screen
  • Include maps, videos, or animation into messages
  • Send rich card content previews and highlights to attract further interest
  • Boost brand awareness with consistent color and logo integrations

RCS offers the chance to share much more engaging and visual messages with your lead lists. The result is a more immersive experience that facilitates deeper interactions with your brand.

Let’s say you’re selling solar.
SMS is a popular communication method in your industry. You have leads opt-in to a mobile campaign by texting the keyword ‘SOLAR’ to a short code after receiving your mailer. For RCS-enabled devices and networks, you could respond with a quick Q&A to leads to learn more information. Once they complete the in-messsage Q&A, and qualify for a free estimate, you send them a carousel of meeting times to choose from. This entire interaction takes place from within the message, making their user experience seamless and very simple. Want to see RCS in real life? Check out the demo below. 

A seamless experience, brand awareness, and integrated messaging make RCS a highly coveted marketing channel for generating leads.

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