RCS Messaging: Keys to Sales & Marketing Success

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As Google rolls out its rich communication services (RCS) messaging system on Android devices, sales and marketing teams now have another asset in their tool box. Consumer research indicates that the fast-growing messaging platform hit full trending mode and will emerge as a global delivery giant. The data on RCS points to definable methods and strategies for sales and marketing teams who get in at the ground floor.

As Google rolls out its rich communication services (RCS) messaging system on Android devices, sales and marketing teams now have another asset to utilize in their tool box.

The Marketing Numbers On RCS

The 2018 “RCS Business Messaging Research Study” conducted by GSMA released very encouraging findings in February. According to the report, almost 80% of consumers polled were receptive to RCS and more than 70% of consumers indicate they are more likely to use the system for brand communication.

The GMSA research shows a tremendous upside for sales and market teams interested in a new delivery platform. The RCS system enjoyed upwards of 159 million users during January of 2018 and GMSA estimates that figure will top 1 billion by the first quarter of 2019. Think about a growth curve that has 890 million trending by year’s end. According to the GMSA study, consumers favored the RCS app for the following reasons:

  • It is efficient and straightforward
  • Makes coupon storage easier
  • Improves purchase process
  • Deals and offers are more targeted on RCS than other channels

Most importantly for sales and marketing teams, research indicates that “RCS is an appropriate channel for trusted brands to communicate with consumers.”

The RCS App Has Integrity

One of the keys to taking advantage of the organic growth of RCS will be to continue to engage consumers with favored brand options. The research shows no signs of marketing excess within the RCS system. That’s why following targeted trends and consumer purchases are important for teams going forward. Keeping a customer base happy using this app invites long-term success.

By pacing sales and marketing campaigns within RCS trends, success is inevitable in the long run. RCS marketing will be highly successful on these fronts.

  • Growth Within Favored Brands: Utilizing RCS is a delivery system geared toward marketing favored brands. It is effective at expanding exposure to new products when delivered by a trusted brand.
  • Expand Product Delivery: The RCS message includes the brand name that marketing teams want displayed in every message. This provides a point of reference that builds consumer-confidence about new products. Basically, well-targeted RCS marketing campaigns reinforce brand loyalty.

Understanding Who RCS Resonates With

Teams should keep in mind that the RCS system is being quickly embraced by the younger demographic of consumers. People in these demographics have a contemporary worldview about electronic engagement. They are quick to differentiate between content and advertisements. The good news is that they will tune in if they feel engaged.

Forbes identifies what keeps younger demographics engaged and RCS makes a seamless player in this market, where consumers are prioritized. Marketing and sales teams can improve their engagement through the following:

  • Be transparent: Millennials favor open, honest marketing attempts. Utilize the RCS app’s ability to show a brand icon at all times. Authentic marketing will always speak the loudest.
  • Challenge their creativity: Millennials are exposed to high-end graphics and other visual elements. Utilize RCS’s ability to send gifs, links, and eye-grabbing images that tell a story.
  • Humanize the story: Forbes recognized that this demographic has a strong interest in what are considered “their” brands. RCS teams can tell a story through video links and text messaging.
  • Inspire them to act: Utilize ongoing RCS engagement to tag in social issues and events related to your brand. Because RCS includes clear branding options, teams can build up positive associations.

The GMSA research shows that users have embraced RCS in areas that include online shopping, purchase tracking, restaurant discounts, food coupons, as well as hotel, travel and entertainment promotions. They also favor ongoing connectivity to trusted brands.

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