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By now you're probably familiar with the term RCS and the wave of change it's bringing to technology and communication on a global scale. RCS opens huge doors for marketing and sales teams to crush their lead generation goals without ever leaving the messaging application. Read on for more insight!

RCS opens huge doors for marketing and sales teams to crush their lead generation goals through suggested actions within the messaging application. Discover how in this post!

RCS offers new, exciting ways to for businesses to interact with customers and leads via SMS. As the modern consumer adapts to technology, their wants and needs are changing, too. Standard text conversations are losing steam and RCS-fueled interactions are booming.

What's a Suggested Action?

Clickable action buttons inserted into a conversation thread that prompts leads with on-brand icons like 'Call Me Now' or 'Schedule a Meeting'. You aren't limited to one suggested action per message; you can insert several throughout the conversation if you prefer.

Suggested actions are a massive improvement from copy and pasting a website URL into a text message with the hopes that your lead will follow the instructions. Simplifying the experience by allowing the user to stay in-message and still achieve the same action item is a huge opportunity to win more deals!

What can Suggested Actions do? 

- Open in Maps (great for directions) 
- Open a new web URL
- Schedule a meeting or call
- Get more information
- So much more!


Selling the sun requires a certain level of communication with prospects who are on the fence about committing. With Suggested Actions, interactions become much simpler and more streamlined. A quick Q&A will qualify a homeowner for solar, and then supplying an option to talk now or schedule a call at a later time makes the interaction quick and easy for both parties. 



Realtors have to be in constant communication with their clients; the industry moves quickly and new homes pop up on a daily basis. 

Using the Suggested Actions maps functionality in the conversation below, the agent was able to ask a simple question, trigger a response from a client, and send a web snippet that pulls up a map so the client can easily locate the open house. 



Your team communicates with customers and leads on a daily basis through SMS. But what other ways could you be engaging with them than just the standard back and forth conversation?

See below how an RCS Suggested Action of meeting times through the calendar carousel elevates the experience of this SMS conversation between an agent and a customer of Quick Credit Banking. 


With a tool like Suggested Actions within your SMS platform, conversations become much more focused and efficient for both the lead and the business. You can more effectively achieve sales KPIs, whether it's booking a meeting, setting up a call, or getting clicks on a particular URL. The possibilities with Suggested Actions make lead gen much more manageable and successful.

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