Universal Adoption for RCS Expected by 2020

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With RCS on the horizon on a universal level in the coming years, the best move for businesses that send SMS and plan to implement RCS is simple - preparation. We're sharing a few ways your business can get ready for the revolution in messaging in order to stay ahead of the curve. 

With RCS on the horizon on a universal level in the coming years, the best move for businesses that send SMS and plan to implement RCS is simple - preparation.

86% of smartphone devices will be RCS enabled by 2020 

What this means for businesses is simple - adapting to the tech climate is essential in order to maintain user experience for customers and leads.

How can your business prepare for the imminent arrival? Here are a few tips.

1. Test the SMS campaigns you currently run to optimize messaging and value

Answer these questions:

  • What types of messages do your customers enjoy getting? 
  • What do they respond best to? Is it promotional, informational, or a blend of the two?
  • Which campaign(s) were the most successful in terms of sales or conversions? 
  • Which campaign(s) underperformed and why?
  • What types of messaging are most successful in building opt-in (subscriber) lists? 

2. Scrub your data & lists 

  • Now is an ideal time to clean up your contact lists. Start by moving those opt-out contacts into a Do Not Send list, and clean up data on your current subscriber list to make sure you have accurate names and other contact info.
    • There's nothing worse than receiving a text from a company that greets you by your last name instead of your first because of incorrectly input data. As a business, avoid this at all costs! 

3. Follow all regulations and compliance laws

  • If you're using another company's platform to send SMS, they should have a carrier compliance team that can guide you in sending compliant messages. If they don't, think about finding a company who does.
  • Having the support of a team of compliance experts will reassure your business and your audience that you are following all regulations deemed necessary.

4. Create your messaging strategy with the rich, visual offerings RCS has to offer

  • Knowing what you do about the rich features RCS will bring to your messaging, start brainstorming about different ways you can utilize said features.
  • Maybe you'll implement new Suggested Actions into conversations with leads; map out the different actions you'll offer and the various routes the conversation could go. 
  • Or perhaps you'll want to send carousel options, like booking a meeting time or browsing through your products. Again, map out exactly how these would look (make sure your high res images are ready to go!) from a user standpoint to evaluate the experience.

5. Sign up for a beta program with one of Google's RCS partners to test the platform 

  • What better way to stay informed on the latest and be one of the first to use the technology? Give your business a competitive edge by staying ahead of the curve. 

6. In the meantime, rebrand

  • Has your CEO been hinting at a rebrand? Are marketing and sales ready for new messaging, an updated logo, and a cleaner website? Now is the time to do it! Getting all the kinks worked out before RCS is fully adopted will lead to a better experience for users, with more brand loyalty and association. 

How is your business preparing for the RCS takeover? Want to stay in the loop on RCS? Download the eBook by clicking below, and sign up for the RCS VIP list to get occasional updates on the tech. 

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