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    Tips to Re-Energize & Re-Focus Your Team

     As we near the middle of the year, we're taking a moment to take a breath, re-group and re-focus. The importance of doing this is essential for all of our employees, teams, and management. We're highlighting different ways our managers successfully get their teams back on track, motivated, and ready to finish off the year, stronger than ever.

    Dynamic management

    Make your team feel like they're working with you, not for you. This will serve as a reminder that you operate as a team and that each individual is needed in order for success to be achieved consistently.  


    Treat every employee the same, no exceptions. Have the same routine reviews for each employee, and be sure to hold everyone accountable in the same way, with the same expectations. 

    Offer variety

    Provide new options (that are feasible, of course) for your employees and other tasks they can work on, to avoid getting into too much of a routine and become bored or no longer feel challenged. Feeling like you've plateaued at work is difficult to get past, so ensure that you are providing new challenges when they need them.

    Public recognition

    Congratulate them and celebrate them at team lunches, weekly meetings, and in front of their coworkers. Doing this in front of other people will boost the morale of the office and your team, specifically. 

    As always, say thank you

    Make sure they know that you appreciate their hard work and dedication. As the saying goes, "people don't quit their jobs; they quit their managers." Challenge yourself to be the manager who encourages your team to want to stick around, even on the tough days.

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