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Marketing over the phone gets a bad rap, there's no denying it. With newer technologies like ringless voicemail emerging in the market, it's important to stay ahead of the curve with regulations and compliance guidelines so your business doesn't fall victim to a lawsuit or other consequences.

With newer technologies like ringless voicemail hitting the market, it's important to stay ahead of the curve with regulations and compliance guidelines so your business doesn't fall victim to a lawsuit.

We've already talked at great lengths about how the mobile device is the wave of the future for marketers and sales teams. Contacting your target audience through ringless voicemail, also known as direct voicemail delivery, is a newer method of communication that can increase campaign conversion rates by up to 20%

So, what's the catch? 

Like any mass marketing tool, there have to be rules and regulations in place to ensure consumers aren't getting spammed with thousands of messages each day. 

Why is ringless voicemail compliant by government and industry standards?

  • It's a server to server method of communication, meaning the recipient is never directly contacted 
  • Recipient is never billed for the call because it doesn't exist; it was dropped straight into their voicemail!
  • You can upload DNC lists into some RVM platforms, which prevents you from contacting those who are on the Do Not Call list and are more likely to flag your message as spam 

How can your business remain compliant as you launch new RVM campaigns?

  • Provide an opt-out opportunity on every message you leave, so the recipient never feels obligated to receive your marketing campaigns
  • Provide your business name and the caller's first name in every message so recipients know exactly who is contacting them

Both of these actions will decrease the likelihood of your business being flagged as spam. 


Ringless voicemail is also the only channel of contact that hasn't prompted substantial user complaints of any kind. This is closely monitored by the TCPA, and drives new regulations that are passed to protect consumers' privacy. 

We've shown you the right way to deliver RVM campaigns to your audience. Now it's time to implement! Check out our eBook on various outbound channels, including ringless voicemail, that will boost your lead gen campaigns in Q2. 
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