SMS Industry Guide: Sports and Entertainment Venues

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There’s no business like show business… that is if people show up! In the entertainment industry, your job is to fill seats and show people a good time! But first, it’s necessary to find the best way to reach your audience. Read on as we break down just how SMS can effectively connect your entertainment business to your audience.

Whether you’re looking to communicate with sports fans, concert-goers, or theater season ticket holders, draw in the crowds and increase fan engagement with a powerful SMS marketing campaign.

SMS for Entertainment Venues

From good eats in the area to upcoming event notifications, there are so many more outreach opportunities to have with fans and attendees than just a basic ticket confirmation text.

Sporting Events

  • Registration and ticket confirmations
  • Final score notifications
  • Food and drink options at or near the venue
  • Player info, updates, and stats
  • Team schedules
  • Future events and games at the venue
  • Run a voting poll during the game for fan participation

Any Entertainment Venue

  • Upcoming event reminders and info
  • Special offers and giveaways
  • Promote and link to your website
  • Local good eats near the venue
  • Employee coordination and scheduling

How Do SMS Campaigns Work?

Your audience subscribes to your designated short code or long code number to receive tailored SMS messages about your events- building your brand and customer loyalty through a memorable short code number, all the while promoting your event.

Pro tip: The more phone numbers enrolled in your SMS campaign, the more profitable and effective your messages become!

 How Do You Get Subscribers?

1. Appeal to your audience
Think incentives! Who doesn’t love free stuff? Give your audience some fun motivation to join your SMS campaign with special promotions and giveaways.

"Want a chance to win 2 free concert tickets? Text TICKETS 411-414 to join our sweepstakes!"

2. Put it on display
Chances are you’re already advertising events on multiple platforms. Whether it’s on the jumbotron, Facebook, a billboard, or an email, promote your SMS campaign anywhere and everywhere with simple and clear instructions like:

"Love hockey? Keep up with everything Penguins by texting START to 411-414!" 

Regardless of industry, SMS is a universal marketing tool that connects your business to the right audience.

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