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The polls are in and texting is no longer just for bored teenagers. SMS, (Short Message Service) - also known as text messaging - has grown astronomically as a tool for businesses to reach customers, prospects, and other constituents. It’s no surprise why; it’s affordable with tons of potential for reach and engagement. The big question is: Is SMS right for political campaign users?

Whether your political campaign is in need of a new way to provide vote reminders, news and election updates, or staff communication, SMS messaging has a solution for nearly every campaign.

With a reported 98% open rate and 90% of text messages read within the first three minutes, our response is: How can you afford missing out on SMS messaging for your political campaign strategy?  Whether your political campaign is in need of a new way to provide vote reminders, news and election updates, or staff communication, SMS messaging has a solution for nearly every campaign.

Missing Something?

Every political campaign needs a powerful communication plan to ensure messages from political leaders resonate with voters, volunteers, and donors of all ages and demographics. SMS Messaging is key for successful mass outreach and micro-targeting for campaigning, fundraising, volunteer organizing, and polling. Texting your supporters is simple, yet personal and interactive engagement that amplifies your ultimate goal: reaching and influencing voters.

Here’s how...

The SMS Low-Down

Feel the benefits of SMS in minutes with an initial setup that’s as simple as uploading a contact list to an easy to use cloud-based platform. From there, you’re free to start sending personalized messages to all of your supporters!

Or better yet, learn how to best optimize SMS messages for your political campaign by using specific mobile keywords. Watch your contact list reach new levels by displaying opt-in keywords for your voters to text. Once supporters text a keyword, they’re automatically added to your database, allowing you to send promotions or campaign news and updates.

For example, at your next fundraiser or promotional event, encourage supporters to text the word “VOTE” to a short code like “411-411”, and an automated response such as, “Thanks for your support! Learn more about our campaign platform here - www.vote.com” is immediately sent back to them. And just like that, a new contact is made!

SMS connects you to your supporters in powerful ways throughout the entire campaign:

  • Vote reminders
  • Invitations for rallies and fundraisers
  • Campaign news and election updates
  • Staff communication
  • Event and meeting reminders
  • Volunteer coordination
  • Links to donation sites or surveys
  • Reminders about cutoff dates for voter registration

Politicians are always looking for a better way to communicate with their supporters. Text messaging, or SMS Messaging, allows for political leaders to speak directly to their voters and donors in a way that no other communication channel can. SMS Messaging is an immediate and personal form of communication that will leave lasting impressions on your supporters to get your vote!

Reach more voters and supporters in more ways! Incorporate SMS into your multichannel political outreach campaign!

Want more info on using SMS for your political campaign? Click Here!

Disclaimer: This article is intended to provide a general overview of a topic area and is not legal advice. New Call-to-action

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