Intertwining SMS & Social Media: Optimal Lead Gen Duo

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Given the fact that our phones are virtually always within arm's reach, now is the time for your marketing team to bank on all things mobile. With SMS open rates at 98% and social media as a marketing war-horse, together these two are a powerhouse for brand awareness and lead generation. Empower your team’s already badass social media marketing strategy with the addition of SMS; a duo unlike any other.

With SMS open rates at 98% and social media as a marketing war-horse, together these two are a powerhouse for brand awareness and lead generation.

The Social Media & SMS Two-Fold Offering

SMS or social media? Why not both? Consider how to leverage SMS to enhance your business’s social media presence. Everything you share on both your social platforms and in your SMS campaigns can be flip-flopped by boosting one channel through the use of another.

In other words, share your SMS short codes on social media accounts, and use SMS to share links back to your social media accounts. Say you’re having a giveaway on your Instagram page, invite your SMS subscribers to head over to your page and participate. With SMS and social media hand-in-hand, your comprehensive marketing strategy is on its way to being unstoppable.

As SMS and social media are both customer permission-based, your followers on both channels actually choose to be your followers. Give them something to keep them wanting more of your brand.

Use SMS Campaigns To:

1. Share social media accounts. Broaden your fan base and increase your followers by allowing your subscribers to easily find you on different channels. 

“In need of a rocking new workout plan? Check out our newest post on Instagram here.”

2. Send quick links to current promotions. The fastest way to introduce sales, giveaways, contests, or sweepstakes to your subscribers.

“A classy special for all of our glassy designs. Today only, 40% off all glass decor in store and online.”

3. Promote new products and updates to your customer base. New, fun products just hit the shelves? Change of hours for the weekend? Hit up your contacts and keep them up to date on all your business has to offer.

“Golfing this weekend? New tee times are now available! Reserve yours at”

For more tips and tricks to implementing SMS into your lead generation, we’ve got you covered.

Use Social Media Accounts To:

1. Gain SMS campaign subscribers. You already have followers or subscribers on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn, so here’s your opportunity to invite those people who are already interested in your brand to add their number to your SMS campaign.

“Hey there, want to keep up with all things Floral Designs and get some special insider discounts? Become a Floral Designs VIP subscriber and text ‘FLOWERS’ to 888-558.”

2. Share text-to-win short codes in your post captions. This is the perfect way to continue to get the word out and give followers another opportunity to enter promotions.

“One of our favorite beach looks is complete with this summer tote bag. Enter to win one for you AND a friend. Simply text ‘TOTES IN’ to the number 445-787 for a chance to win!”

3. Illustrate your brand. Put an image to all your talk. Have awesome company culture? Here’s where you put a spotlight on the things that make your company spectacular.

“We love our employees and we love fundraising for a great cause! Know of an awesome non-profit? Comment and share with us below!”

Step up your social media marketing strategy with more great tips here.

Etiquette is Everything

Keep in mind people use social media differently than they do text messaging. With SMS, messages can be opened and reviewed in a matter of seconds, so keep your SMS messages brief and to the point. Social media, on the other hand, is a little more flexible. Consumers can spend anywhere from a few minutes to hours browsing social posts. This is the perfect space for sharing photos, videos, or lengthier content that help to promote your awesome brand.

The beauty of mobile marketing is that you can reach the same customer on different channels all by the way you represent your company. Increase brand awareness and boost your lead generation strategy with a more comprehensive and cohesive marketing campaign that leaves everyone more satisfied. 

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