Department Guide: SMS Use Cases for Your HR Department

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How do you communicate with internal employees? Is it efficient? Do you get responses back? If you answered no to either of these questions, SMS may be the right fit for you. As an HR department, there's a lot of important information that needs to be conveyed to employees. SMS is a simple, streamlined way to communicate with your team without the hassle of message boards or emails without ever knowing who is in the loop. 

As an HR department, there's a lot of important information that needs to be conveyed to employees. SMS is a streamlined way to do this without worrying about who's in the loop or not.

Employee Onboarding

We've already shared how you can effectively use SMS during the recruitment process - so why not take it a step further and use text during onboarding for new hires? The first week can be nerve wracking, so any encouragement you can provide for new team members will go a long way.

These text messages could be anything from a simple "hope your first week is going well!" to a quick reminder that Wednesday is Mexican food for lunch!


Internal events, like team builders,  happy hours, even your holiday party, build camaraderie amongst your employees. You can easily build excitement around these events before, during and even after with SMS. 

Send reminders leading up to the event with location information, parking or ride sharing details, and much more. 

Ready for your guests to move indoors for dinner or cocktail hour? Before the event, schedule a brief text saying "Meet us inside for drinks!" and specify the time you'd like it to send. This way, everyone will feel in the know about what the event entails and where they should be going next. 

Encourage your employees to fill out a event feedback survey via SMS. You can send them a URL to the survey easily, and track who has clicked the link and who hasn't opened the text.  

PTO Management

Encourage employees to check their phones for weekly schedules, any changes and updates throughout the week. Using SMS also allows employees to reply back to verify any conflicts with their schedule. SMS offers an fast solution to contacting a number of employees at once, should you need to. 

Last Minute Communication

As the most immediate form of communication, using SMS  for last minute meetings and announcements is an efficient way to get in touch with a large amount of employees at once. Memo boards don't always do the trick - with a 98% open rate, you're nearly guaranteed that your entire team will see your text. 

How could your HR department use SMS?

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