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High value content marketing and lead generation can be key drivers to growing revenue. This is an area that many companies struggle with despite putting in extraordinarily hard work. Read on for some tips and insight as the market changes.

High-value content marketing and lead generation are key drivers to growing revenue. We're talking about utilizing social channels to build lead gen and optimize the sales pipeline in this post.

The good news for businesses is that a growing trend of “social selling” is helping improve lead gen through B2B connections. Social media has widely replaced antiquated cold call phone banks with a more trusting network of responsive leads and prospects. 

The Stats On Social Selling

A study released by WebDam found that B2B marketers who engage in targeted blogging can benefit upwards of 67% over traditional methods of marketing. This aligns with an International Data Corporation research study that concludes the following:

  • 91% of B2B buyers are actively involved in social media
  • 84% of corporate decision-makers consider social media in purchasing decisions
  • 75% of B2B buyers are influenced by social media

It’s important for B2B content marketing professionals to also consider the following shift in demographics.

Millennials Are Now Key Decision-Makers

Up until the last two decades, the thinking behind lead generation didn’t need to account for non-tradition demographic shifts. Millennials are vastly different to connect with than Baby Boomers and +35 customers.

Millennials are deeply immersed in the Internet of Things and tend to stay electronically connected to their favored sites and social media. It’s simply their way of life.

Social Selling Earns Top ROI

Despite the rich opportunity that content marketing and social lead gen present, studies show that only about 25% of sales people are proficient in social selling. Considering that the ROI for every $1 spent on social selling yields $5, too many companies are failing to train sales teams and effectively utilize these platforms.

Companies who use content marketing for lead gen see these results:

  • Online sales teams achieved goals at a 15% higher rate than others
  • Online sales teams enjoyed at 17% higher renewal rate than others
  • Online sales teams had a 12% higher forecast accuracy rate than others

Improve Lead Gen Through Content Marketing

Social selling is dependent upon building strong B2B relationships. So, laying the groundwork by positioning your company in important social networks should be your first priority. 

Consider these steps:

  • Stay Relevant: Forget about the trendy platforms, instead stake out territory in social networks that prospective customers frequent, especially niche ones.
  • Twitter Rules: This platform makes connections easy and is constantly being cycled through the news media. Twitter is a must to start following all potential leads.
  • Set Up Notifications: LinkedIn is a terrific platform for lead gen because it allows you to get real-time notifications about relevant companies and decision-makers. It also provides niche business groups.
  • Share Content: Once you have established a presence on relevant platforms, begin sharing your content.

Social selling is not the wave of the future; it's already here. Want more tips on boosting your lead gen strategy (including tips on social media)? Download the eBook below.
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