5 Ways Social Media Can Improve Productivity

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Social media has many uses, and quite a few of them are customer facing. Although you can aggregate a great deal of data about your customer base through your social outreach, you can also improve many internal operations through it as well. Here are five ways that you may be able to apply your time on social media to improve your company's internal productivity.

Social media has many uses, and while many of them are customer facing, there are various strategies to implement in-house, too. Here are five ways to apply your time on social media to improve your company's internal productivity.

Shortening the Lines of Communication

Your customers are not the only ones being social with your company. Your employees also have the ability to be just as social with each other! All of those tools that you might consider wastes of company time - instant messenger, SMS text, video conferencing and interactive news and communications feeds can greatly shorten the time that information passes from one employee to another. Yes, these things to have the potential to waste time. Properly managed, however, they can expand the productivity of your workforce exponentially.

Morale Boosters

Employees love to know that their companies trust them enough to do a bit of personal social media while on the job. Studies show that a break every 20 minutes is optimal, so why not let employees occasionally take that break at their desks browsing Facebook rather than go around the corner to the gas station? The longer that your employees stay in the office, the more productive they will be. Consider loosening the reins slightly to let your employees access social media during break times.

More Efficient Business Processes

Social media naturally gives a view to a wider audience, and it also expedites the advertising process. However, social media can also improve the productivity of the marketing department internally as well. Advertisements should go through a vetting process that includes the feedback of the core audience. If you do not have a system of internal communications that allows your marketing department to view real-time feedback while communicating with other employees continuous improvement, you may want to try this solution.

Boosting Brand Awareness and Identity

Not only does social help a company build brand awareness with its audience, but employees will also get a better sense of the vision of the business as they view customer feedback. In a world of agile development, the branding of a company should be flexible, depending on the way that your best customers respond to it. Social media is the best way to see how customers respond to your messaging. It is also the quickest way for your employees to gather this data and present an updated version of your branding in as close to real time as possible.

Ongoing Problem Solving

The process of problem solving never stops. Continuous feedback is now par for the course, not a luxury. Social media allows your employees to problem solve from remote locations and in off hours if need be. Your contract employees from around the world can also communicate with each other more easily through social media, giving your business a 24/7 improvement structure.

These are only a few of the ways in which social media can help your company improve its internal productivity. The basic tenant to remember is this: The better your communications structure, the more efficient your company will become. Want more tips on productivity? Check out this post. 

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