Social Media in 2018: New Trends & What to Expect

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Social media continues to grow as an avenue to market goods and connect with qualified prospects. In 2018, social media will further streamline pathways to customers and make it easy to connect between platforms. Here is a look at the top trends you can expect from the industry in 2018.

In 2018, social media will further streamline pathways to customers and make it easy to connect between platforms. Here is a look at the top trends you can expect from the industry in 2018.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality has made its way into the mobile gaming industry, but with the iPhone X showing the technology full support, it is only a matter of time before it goes mainstream. Instagram and Snapchat are already preparing filters to add celebrities to selfies via AR.

The Rising Popularity of Visual Stories

More people use Instagram Stories alone than the entire audience of Snapchat. This is incredible considering that Instagram Stories has only been around for about a year! By 2018, half of the users on Instagram will be using the Stories feature. You can bet that other social media platforms will take note of this trend and create similar feature sets.

Influencer Marketing Rises

Hollywood celebrities, look out. YouTube and Instagram social influencers are taking center stage in the world of advertising. Companies from Rolex to North Face have made the switch - these brands now use social influencers to reach their audiences through social media. Expect many more in-stream ads and intricate placements within the videos of your favorite mobile personalities.

The Rise of Gen Z

Unlike the Millennial generation before it, Generation Z is more cynical of social media. However, Gen Z is still important to marketers. What is the solution? Advertisers will place even more money in the mobile platforms that Gen Z loves to use. You will see higher production value in videos on Snapchat and YouTube, as these two platforms are used primarily by Gen Z.

Live Streaming

Live streaming is no longer a novelty or a gimmick. It is now a central aspect of marketing for many brands.  You can bet that people will begin choosing their favorite live streamers, and advertisers will follow quickly with money for these engaging personalities.

Big Changes at Twitter

Twitter fell behind Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn in terms of new followers in 2017. It also lost the rights to NFL streams, losing the bid to Amazon. Twitter stock has fluctuated a great deal in the past few months, with the spikes occurring during news cycles that promised new management at Twitter. 2018 will likely bring a sale to private investors. Along with this will come a great deal of monetization tactics, including a possible subscription element and adding many advertising options for brands.

Digital Hangouts

Friends, especially Gen Z friends, now hang out online just as much as they hang out in person. You can expect a proliferation of these new digital hangouts. Facebook is actively trying to incorporate a video hangout platform into its functionality, and the purchase of top hangout platform Houseparty may be on the horizon. Facebook may just purchase Houseparty to function alongside its new Spaces virtual reality hangout technology.

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