The #1 Sales Prospecting Tool: Still LinkedIn

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If you're a salesperson looking to optimize your social media profiles to prospect for leads and potential customers, look no further. We've done the research and the facts are in - LinkedIn is still the best sales prospecting tool available online. While Twitter and Facebook can still provide some useful resources when it comes to connecting with leads, nothing can prospect and help you locate those best suited leads like LinkedIn. Read on for more! 

Twitter may have overtaken LinkedIn as the number one site for sales people in sheer number, but in terms of prospecting, LinkedIn should still be your number one choice. Why? The site that is made for business will have higher quality prospects, naturally.

Twitter is all about volume. If you're running a personality-centered business or a company that relies on mainstream exposure, by all means, use Twitter and have a great time doing it. For the remaining 90% of us, LinkedIn is the place to find the prospects with the money and the decision making authority for big sales.

LinkedIn is also a great base upon which many business tools have been built. Neil Patel has chronicled the best of those sales tools here. Twitter really doesn't have anything that compares. However, the best reason that LinkedIn is the best site for prospecting: You can move from LinkedIn to Twitter. But the opposite doesn't ring true; you simply cannot move from Twitter to LinkedIn.

Twitter is a much more well known social media site when it comes to the ordinary consumer. According to NASDAQ, Twitter has 317 million monthly active users compared to LinkedIn's 106 million. However, you can be sure that the vast majority of that 106 million users on LinkedIn are there to find business. The 317 million users on Twitter may be there for cat pictures, celebrity gossip, and who knows what else.

If you begin your prospecting on LinkedIn, the more discerning platform, you can certainly follow those hot leads to Twitter to get to know them better. However, if you start on Twitter, then you may not even find a LinkedIn profile. The lead is not as warm, and will likely result in more dead weight.

What About Facebook?

Facebook is still the elephant in the room when it comes to social media platforms, with 1.79 billion active users per month. This number far outpaces both Twitter and LinkedIn. However, Facebook is far from the best place to prospect. Why? Since Facebook is a completely public entity that is beholden to its shareholders, it has done everything in its power to limit the ability of sales agents and prospectors to organically connect with prospects.

Organic posts on Facebook reach around 10% of an audience on a great day, and this number is dropping more and more with each business cycle. Facebook itself admits that it bottlenecks reach; this is no secret. However, they raise the percentage to 16%, and even this percentile is reaching. Facebook builds its stock price on how well it does in selling ad space to prospectors. This is not currently LinkedIn's business model. You pay once for an advanced profile, and that's the end of the cost charged for the advanced user.

If you are looking to prospect; that is, locate people who are likely to make a purchase or sign up for a service with you, LinkedIn is the best logical choice from a sales perspective. Once you narrow down your list, you can move with them to other social media platforms, including Twitter and Facebook. However, starting on either one of these platforms will undoubtedly cost you more money than you should have to spend. You may also become frustrated at the lack of direction on those sites. LinkedIn is squarely B2B, which leads to bigger sales with more serious prospects.

Now that you've determined LinkedIn is the right prospecting tool, you've got to make sure your profile is up to date and looking its absolute best. Check out this post for LinkedIn profile updates that pack a punch!

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