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    Strategies to Make Your Team Work Efficiently

    Efficiency and productivity go hand in hand. Both contribute to increasing profitability for your company. We're sharing a few strategies to support your team in working more efficiently as individuals and as a team.

    1. Have procedures and policies in place

    As your team grows, onboarding can become overwhelming for both the new hire and the manager if there aren't specific guidelines to follow for inter-departmental consistency.

    This includes:

    • Getting accustomed to deadlines and their flexibility
    • Position expectations and collaboration
    • Communication policies and where your team chats
    • Where to brainstorm, post and share ideas, etc.

    2. Delegation is key 

    Delegation unfortunately can get a bad rap in most team dynamics. However, much can be accomplished with some simple, respectful delegating from the team leader. 

    Delegate tasks based on:

    • Team member strengths and weaknesses
    • Their interests and skill set
    • Skills they want to sharpen

    3. Communicate 

    Perhaps the most important strategy is communication. Without it, your team will quickly spiral into disarray. Place a strong focus on communication, especially when it involves:

    • Task assignments
    • Performance expectations
    • Collaboration
    • Any department issues that arise
    Want more info on teamwork and success? Check out this post on common team goals, and ways to increase transparency here.
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