The Best Tech Tools for Content Marketing

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The need for content within a marketing program will only increase in the coming years, so shoring up your content marketing tools now is a great investment. You will be competing with a rising tide of competition for the eyes and ears of your audience, and new, dynamic content continues to be the best way to reach them. Let's take a look at some of the best tech tools for content marketing.

We're sharing some of the best tech tools for your content marketing strategy that will support your blog, social feeds, email and more.


The buyer persona is an indispensable tool in the distribution of your content. MakeMyPersona is a buyer persona creation tool created by the experts at Hubspot. The process is easy: 19 questions that will help you really understand your core customer.


If you are looking to go a bit deeper into the buyer persona tool, then Akoonu may be just the application for you. When compared to MakeMyPersona, Akoonu goes a bit deeper into the details of a persona, allowing you to more accurately map your buyer journeys. With Akoonu by your side, you can map out the buying process for your core customers, determine the type of content that each of these groups may enjoy, and how decision makers may affect the decisions that your buyers make.

Google Alerts

If you are looking for the best content to syndicate, Google Alerts gives you the widest variety of material filtered by popularity and viability. Basically, you are using the multi billion dollar algorithm of Google to tell you what your audience likes. As Google improves its services for its own purposes, your site content will improve along with it.


If you feel that a team of writers is your best bet for great content, ClearVoice is an invaluable tool that you can start using right now. ClearVoice is a site that connects webmasters and freelance copywriters. It has a reputation for attracting very high level writers. Many of the professionals on the site also have digital administration skills, meaning they may be able to completely take over your WordPress or Hubspot blog. ClearVoice also provides a variety of writers so you have access to others without skipping a beat.


The SMB market now has an inexpensive, accessible tool for email marketing! MailChimp can help you automate may aspects of your email outreach while providing you personalization and customization options that your audience will love. You can test out the features on the free plan and scale up to one of the paid plans once you've learned the ropes.


Once you expand into enterprise level business, you will need an an email marketing program that is a bit more robust. Hubspot lets you target your audience very specifically, a very important skill to have as your audience scales. You can also build out lists based on buyer personas and behavioral cues to keep your email outreach rolling in a timely way.

Sprout Social

You're on social media, but do you have a management platform that consolidates all of these sites into one? Sprout Social keeps you from having to hop from Facebook to Twitter to Pinterest just to get content to your various outlets.

Looking for more tech tools to ramp up your marketing strategy, or just to help your team be more productive? Check out this post! 
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