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    5 Tips to Increase Conversion Rates

    Your conversion rates are the lifeblood of your business. If you are improving in other areas but not in converting prospects, then you owe it to your business to check out the following list.

    No Bouncing

    Do not bounce your prospects to any third party sites unless you absolutely have to - it creates friction and reduces trust in your business regardless of where the redirect lands. 

    Proper Payment Storage

    Companies have built empires on the proper storage and use of credit information. Amazon and Uber are great examples of companies who are trusted to take the credit cards of their prospects one time and store them forever for easy, one click purchases. You may not have the scale of an Uber, but you can work with a payment provider with top notch security and an easy process to give your customers these same options.

    Automatic Updates

    As an addendum to the tip above, do not put the responsibility on a customer to update credit card information in your system. There are payment platforms that work with the major credit card companies directly. These providers will automatically update credit cards in your system when they expire. Your customer will never have to worry about a thing except continuing to click and purchase from you!

    Expand Operations

    If your business is not selling products and services around the world, then you're missing out on the true advantage of the Internet. There are currently over 3 billion people on the Internet around the globe, and there is plenty of room for growth. As you expand into new territories, take note of the culture of commerce there.

    For instance, most of China's online consumers do not use credit cards as consumers do in the United States; Alipay is used more frequently. Are your processes updated to accept this kind of payment? If so, you will convert in China much more easily than if you try to force people to play your ballgame.

    Translate Currency

    As you expand into the global market, have respect for the local culture. One of the easiest and most effective actions that you can take is to simply show the price of your products in the local currency. This shows respect for the consumer, and he may even think that you are a local business. Showing prices in a local currency has been proven time and again to increase conversion rates in many countries.

    Every process, including conversions, will require tweaking as time goes on. However, the tips above should apply no matter how your business changes or how your industry moves. Check out a few more tried and true steps to closing a sale here. Keep them in mind for good results tomorrow and down the line! 

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