Top 5 Benefits of Deploying SaaS in any Industry

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You've probably heard of the term SaaS by now; it's a fairly well adopted term, and you may be using a SaaS app without even realizing it! These include Dropbox, Slack, Zendesk and many more. Maybe you're wondering... what are the biggest benefits in deploying a SaaS application for your business? Let's find out!

Maybe you're wondering... what are the biggest benefits in deploying a SaaS application for your business? Let's find out!

1. Cost Savings 

The subscription model is typically how SaaS companies sell and maintain their software and it works! Typically the subscription price bundles the actual software, maintenance, and some level of support for each customer. For some businesses this won't be the selling point if they have an internal IT team, but for others, having a support option is invaluable. Subscription models are charged either quarterly or monthly, so the up-front cost is minimal. 

2. Accessibility 

Rather than setting up, deploying and maintaining a new platform, along with all the other responsibilities and demands for running a business, SaaS allows for a much easier experience for all its users. All you need to access a SaaS application is an internet connection and a browser, and you're up and running anywhere in the world!

3. Flexibility

The beauty of a subscription model in the cloud is simple; if you need to scale up or scale back, add users, add new functionality, etc... it's all possible and the change is done simply through subscription options and upgrading. Businesses prefer the option-based model because it allows them to implement changes without stressing about how this will affect their software. 

4. Partnership 

Because you're using someone else's software to run a facet of your business, most SaaS application companies do offer a degree of support should you run into road blocks, technical issues, etc. Having a support team on your side can often lead to a strong partnership to better implement the software, improve usability, and achieve your business goals. 

5. Employee Buy-In

Team-wide adoption can often be the most difficult part of deploying new software. It can be tricky to get all employees on board, trained, and ready to rock with a new application; however, SaaS based applications are typically easier to use because they function on familiar web browsers, making the learning curve much lower.

The cloud-based model has made it much easier for businesses to power web-based software solutions successfully. There are some downsides to SaaS, but the benefits largely outweigh the negatives. 
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