Trade Show Strategy: Step Out of the Box

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Trade shows, expos, and conferences - does your company attend these each year? If so, this post is for you; we're sharing a few strategies we've found that help to amp up our trade show ROI and boost our lead generation, brand exposure, and close more deals!

We're sharing a few strategies we've found that help amp up our trade show ROI and boost our lead generation, brand exposure, and close more deals!

1. Utilize your partners 

This will offset cost and align your business with another big player in the game, which typically opens up additional opportunities for new prospects that you wouldn't have otherwise had. Check out this post to see how we teamed up with three other companies for LeadsCon 2017!

2. Speaking opportunities 

Grab any speaking opportunities you can! If you aren't offered any, ask what's available and negotiate it into your contract. Speaking opportunities have been a powerful lead gen source for us, because they get your business in front of all the show attendees. It's also an effective form of brand exposure.
*Tip - use your technology, service or product offering in some way during your presentation to display use cases and show real world examples. 

3. Create a comfortable, engaging booth space 

You aren't going to get anyone interested in coming up to your booth if its boring, uncomfortable or your team looks unenthusiastic. Use your branding and have fun with it! We typically include a table with bar stools so it's more inviting to sit down and have a conversation or get a demo. The more exciting your booth looks, the more foot traffic you'll get... which means more leads! 

4. Choose team members wisely

First reaction might be to simply bring your Sales team, but you'll find it beneficial to also have Operations and Support team members present as well, for high-level technical questions that can come up and require a more detailed response. 

5. Don't be afraid to explore the show

Some of our biggest prospects have been met in passing, not at our booth space. Chat with people at lunch, walk the floor and check out the other booths, or sit next to a stranger during a keynote. You don't know who you'll meet and what their business is; this thought process has gotten us some very successful leads at several shows. 

Read this post on trade show strategy and how it can help your lead gen efforts reach new levels of success. 

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