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Learning social media is best done through social media, believe it or not. Some of the most effective gurus of the trade give away free secrets on their public accounts – all that you have to do is follow them. Below we have a list of ten great social media geeks to follow. We chose Twitter as our target platform because of the real-time proliferation of relevant information, but feel free to check the other social media channels of these masterminds for additional tips and tricks. 

Some of the most effective gurus of the social media trade give away free secrets on their public accounts – all that you have to do is follow them. Below we have a list of 10 of the absolute best people for social media geeks to follow.

Gary Vaynerchuk 

Boasting a huge following because of his artistic and exciting social media presence, the CEO of Vayner Media is also one of the most open social media marketers on the planet. His Twitter is a wealth of knowledge and inspiration, where he shares information on investing, vlogging, sports and more. 

Guy Kawasaki

Guy is a powerful public speaker and chief evangelist of Canva. As a past evangelist for Apple, you can be sure that Guy knows his stuff when it comes to publicity. And with a whopping 1.5 million Twitter followers, he clearly knows what he's doing when it comes to attracting an audience to his page. 

Marsha Collier

Marsha is an author of almost 50 books on every social media platform you can imagine, with eBay chief among them. She's a podcast wizard and on the Forbes Top 10 Futurist list. If you want to learn how to sell, this is the Twitter account to follow.

Mari Smith

Imagine following someone's Twitter profile in order to learn about Facebook - but that is exactly what will happen when you follow Mari Smith! Mari is a globetrotting social media expert, so expect plenty of inspiring pictures of exotic locations, in addition to a wealth of knowledge in the social realm. 

Rand Fishkin

What would this list be without the founder of one of the top social media news platforms on the Internet? Rand is the founder of Moz and a serial entrepreneur. He is an expert in SEO, so follow him if you have trouble getting noticed on Google.

Lewis Howes

A former athlete, bestselling author and lifestyle entrepreneur, Lewis can teach you how to leverage your advantages on social media to access new and wider markets. This is exactly what he did, so you know that you are listening to a pro when you take on his Twitter.

Michael Stelzner

Michael founded Social Media Examiner and hosts a social media marketing podcast, and authors various industry focused white papers that help marketers and social media mangers focus on their social goals, tracking and analytics, and overall growth. 

Ahna Hendrix

Ahna is one of the best personality marketers in the world, having grown her own presence while maintaining a life as a single mom and entrepreneur. Her audience is not as big as the others, but then again, that is not her purpose.

Diana Adams

Diana is one of the most prolific bloggers in the world, having written more than 4,000 posts in her short career. She is a recent graduate of USC and a soon to be mainstay in the world of tech. She has already made a mark as an Apple Consultant.

Mark Schaefer

Mark is a bestselling author, keynote speaker and social media consultant. He calls himself a "social media bouncer," and you can definitely learn some strategies that come from the inside from his Twitter.

These are not the only accounts that you should follow. To expand your knowledge of social media even further, take a look at who these people interact with on Twitter and follow them too. If the leaders in the field take advice, you should too! Speaking of advice, here's a great post that highlights the pros and cons of social media for business, along with the best tools for social in the game. 

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