How to Leverage Twitter for Business

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In the convoluted world of social media, it's very easy for businesses and salespeople to get lost in the shuffle. However, finding one social platform and sticking to it can lead to great results, if you fine-tune and work out a strategy that fits with your audience and your specific business goals. Read on for tips and tricks on how to successfully leverage Twitter for your business. 

Twitter has the power to connect your business with your customer base like no other service. As more businesses use the service, you can bet that competition will become even more fierce. Here are some tried and true methods for leveraging your business using Twitter without running into too much resistance from competitors. 

Customer Testimonials

One of the best ways to use Twitter is to publicize customer testimonials. Twitter gives you the ability to get a short and sweet message out there, attribute the quote to a credible source, and do it without coming across as overbearing.

Customer Service Questions

Use Twitter to answer commonly held customer service questions; like a public FAQ forum. You can publicize your online FAQ through Twitter, or you can direct attention to your feed specifically.  


Although your business is not attempting to run up the count needlessly, there is definitely something to be said for a business Twitter profile that consolidates a group of targeted prospects into an easily accessible list. One of the best ways to ramp up that follower count is to hold promotions that are unique to Twitter. You may actually have customers that prefer to contact you through Twitter, and they will be the first to spread the word. You can also easily connect your website to your Twitter for even better results.

Relationship Building

As any businessman will tell you, the initial conversion is just the beginning of the process. Loyal customers cost around one tenth of a new prospect in terms of sales, so a bit of marketing on Twitter to build an ongoing relationship definitely comes out with a great ROI. Use Twitter to connect with loyal customers by tagging them as a group or individually.  In any case, your goal should be to create conversation that continues until that customer and everyone else watching the back and forth is enticed to buy from you again.

There are many other ways to use Twitter, most of which you will find when you start digging deep into the capabilities of the platform. If LinkedIn is more your company's bread and butter, read tips on LinkedIn sales prospecting here. 

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