Utilizing Voicemail Delivery & Voice Broadcasting for Lead Gen

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With a saturated market filled to the brim with tech and tools, it can be difficult to nail down the best methods of outreach for your lead gen strategy. Today we're sharing a few in the realm of dialing; both voice broadcasting and ringless voicemail can ramp up your efforts without the substantial cost or time spent. Read on!

Sharing a few outbound lead gen outreach methods in the realm of dialing; both voice broadcasting to ringless voicemail can ramp up your efforts without the substantial cost or time spent.

Lead generation is the process of stimulating and capturing interest in your product or service to develop a sales pipeline. It’s a popular and effective strategy to help stimulate demand and get your marketing message heard across multiple channels. 

A sales pipeline can be effectively worked through using lead generation and various outreach communication channels. Two of the strongest channels for promoting a product or service, brand awareness, and specific offers are voice broadcasting and direct voicemail delivery (ringless voicemail).

Voice broadcasts are telemarketing calls, just pre-recorded so there’s no actual agent on the line. Voicemail Delivery, or ringless voicemail, leaves a voicemail without ringing the  phone and includes a message that the recipient can listen to at their leisure.


B2B voice broadcasting will have a strong impact if you have a solid contact list. If your voice broadcast message is supported by an intelligent router, all the better -- someone can pick up, hear a recording and, by pressing the indicated button, end up speaking directly with an agent. Talk about qualifying your leads!

Think about all those leads who don’t answer the phone.
With ringless voicemail, your drops can now reach them, and with such a high listen rate, you'll feel confident that your message is being heard. The best part is this technology is fairly inexpensive; less costly than web advertising, with a better chance to re-engage with leads or customers.

Say you’re a lead vendor.
You maintain a strong database of lists, full of leads waiting to be contacted. Obviously more value can be found in your company if you sell warmer leads. Using a blend of voice broadcasting and ringless voicemail, you can reach more prospects and convert them for your buyers. Voice broadcasting tied to an intelligent router can deliver leads directly to your buyer. But that method will still leave gaps, which RVM can fill. Both methods can increase the amount of callbacks to your buyer’s business, netting you more value.

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