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    Positivity In The Workplace

    To bring more pep in your step while at work, we’re breaking down the Positive Psychology PERMA model.

    The field of Positive Psychology reports that genes (whether we like it or not) make up 50% of our happiness levels, 10% life circumstances, and 40% is the result of our actions and choices

    What actions and choices can we make to cultivate positivity and well-being in the workplace?

    Positive Emotions

    Picture this: reports are due, meetings all day, over-caffeinated, skipped lunch and the last thing on your mind is a positive attitude... sound familiar? The ability to be optimistic and take a step back in times like these help ground us and bring us back to reality. To combat stress, it's important to increase a grateful outlook:

    • Celebrate monthly birthdays with cards and treats at lunch
    • Recognize the achievements and successes of our co-workers
    • Make time in weekly meetings to thank colleagues for something great they accomplished

    Research shows that our moods are literally contagious. Our brains are essentially wired to connect with the people around us. If someone nearby is celebrating, our own cells light up to engage in similar behavior.

    Bottom line: Both positivity and negativity in the office can be contagious; one unhappy person can make for an unhappy office. Nobody likes being around a grumpy coworker. Pump up the positivity!


    • Get to know your own strengths and learn how to best use them to manage problems and reduce stress
    • Encourage employees to take the VIA Character Strengths Survey
    • Boost creativity with a homey environment: plants, music, snacks, and a little bit of fun

    Bottom line:  Engaging in work that utilizes our personal strengths on a daily basis makes us feel more energized. Create a work environment that encourages employees to challenge themselves, grow, learn, and nurture personal happiness.


    Arguably the greatest way to influence our happiness in the office is to invest in relationships with colleagues. When the day is done, people are what play a huge role in making work worthwhile and keep us coming back the next morning. Positive relationships increase our productivity and also help relieve stress and challenges at work. 

    • Eat with different people in the work caf
    • Start a biking, running, or hiking club with colleagues
    • Organize employee outings like kickball tournaments, escape rooms, bowling, or a family open house event

    Rally up your departments with fun events that encourage employees to work together and build genuine relationships. Get to know what your crew enjoys and make it happen!

    Bottom line: Nothing beats some good ol’ comradery to open the doors for employees to get to know one another and each other’s families.


    Having a sense of purpose and fulfillment is ideally how employees should feel when they walk through the office doors.

    • Make employees feel valued by recognizing their great work
    • Practice the open door policy and make yourself available
    • Offer incentives for their dedication to your business

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    Bottom Line: When people see how their day-to-day work is genuinely impacting the lives of others, even the mundane work becomes meaningful.


    Push Your Goals

    • Regularly set goals within your team to boost productivity, sense of engagement, and motivation
    • Keep goal-setting consistent with the SMART structure: specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, time-bound

    Treat Yo Self

    • Reward yourself with a snack after working on a tedious project
    • Step away from your screen and go for a short walk
    (Even a small sense of accomplishment keeps us trekking through the rough waters!)


    One of our favorite ways to celebrate closing a big deal at the Ytel office is hitting a gong so everyone in the office (and maybe our neighbors too) can hear and cheer along with our sales reps. Everyone stops what they’re doing and rallies up in applause and hollers! 

    Happiness in the office does NOT lie solely in reaching our goals, but learning to enjoy every step towards the finish line.

    Big Bottom Line: You have the power to create an inspired, positive work environment and to motivate employees to be excited about contributing to the company at large.

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