Ytel Anniversary: A Look back on 5 Years

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We're celebrating 5 years of Ytel today! Read on for some fun highlights, stories, photos and memories from the last 5 years of Ytel fun, and thank you for supporting this awesome team. Here's to the future!

It's been an exciting five years for the Ytel team! We're sharing some of our highlights over the years, and where we're headed next.

Fun Facts about Ytel's Last 5 years

The first server Ytel was created on (see below) and now we have 2 data centers in the US that power our network infrastructure and levels of redundancy. YTEL-0186.jpg

This team has worked so hard to keep our close-knit family feel, with a culture that encourages openness, creativity and innovation around every corner. 2017_07_rednose.jpg2017_07_welcome.jpg

None of this would have been possible without our awesome CEO, Nick. He was recently featured in Forbes for his success in finding work life balance and encouraging this lifestyle to all Ytel employees, an example that we believe has made the company more successful. Nick lives and breathes Ytel, but prioritizes his family above all else, and is a great example of what a leader should be. We're beyond lucky to have him! 18319055_1552076871492016_3270664513976131410_o.jpg

Here's to the next 5!

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